Postscript is a band out of Denton, Texas. Formed in 2009 buzz is growing fast. With a mixture, of post-punk, post-hardcore, and straight up rock, Postscript is edgy enough for anyone, but also aren't afraid to slow it down or go to just pure pop.


Postscript is a fast growing band out of Denton, Texas. With of mixture of catchy guitars, driving bass lines, hook-filled synth, and pounding drumming, Postscript has everything it takes to please. Postscript is releasing it's first album at the beginning of 2010, so keep your ears open for the first cd from a band you'll be dieing to hear more from.


Pretending To Dream

Set List

Postscript's sets are typically 45 minutes and consists of 7-8 songs, including:
Put Me Away
While You Pray
Fire In Your Eyes
If I
Exit 23rd
Lucky Shot
One Of These Days