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Posture marks the return of Will Burchard and Jay Voskuhl, founding members of seminal 90s-era Lexington, Ky. acts Tim, Massey-Ferguson, Girl Bass Players and New Morning Slaughterhouse. The two first collaborated in the late 90s with the acclaimed post-rock group Veterans of Future Wars. Posture is Burchard, Voskuhl and newcomer Andy Stith of Lexington's Latin Heat. Like Veterans, Posture weave improvisation around intricate rock and experimental arrangements.

Burchard and Stith (the string section) trade overlapping jet-fighter-engine-exhaust guitar lines - surgically precise, linear phrases at first, slowly devolving into fat-crayon-on-its-side impressionistic meanderings. They will whisper in your ear with the subtly and nuance of a Chinese harp and turn you off (or on) with the precision of a Dim Mak blow to the auditory cortex. Call it charm and harm.

Voskuhl (the rhythm section) is less like a jet and more like Hughes’ Spruce Goose, flying 3 feet above the ground at 1130 feet per second. He specializes in off-kilter beats, bloody drum skins and Bonham-inspired slow dives. He is a giant man playing a tiny drum set and for this reason alone should not be missed.

The trio find common ground inside dizzying Hovercraft-like maelstroms, the monolithic jams of Don Caballero and the best sinewy agit-pop of the 1990s.