Posture Coach

Posture Coach


Posture Coach is a three-piece indie-rock band from Youngstown, Ohio. Posture Coach creates visceral, dynamic rock music. Their sound: spasmodic, angular, twangy, tense, and muscular.


Posture Coach was formed in 2001 between high school friends Dennis Thomas and Erich Booth. After pounding out primitive blues-based rock in Dennis’ garage, the band’s musical awareness grew to include the independent rock movements of the seventies and eighties along with outlaw and traditional country and western. With a new, complex sound, Dennis and Erich (then only seventeen) began playing shows in Youngstown clubs. They were known for switching instruments mid-set and for percussion breakdowns.
Friend, adopted sibling, and Post-Hardcore aficionado Kris Mills joined the band in 2003. After starting on bass, Kris soon began to compose her own pieces and to sing lead vocals in rotation with Dennis and Erich. With her strong voice and unique bass styling, Posture Coach expanded its sound to its present state. The band now merges divergent musical tastes, articulated by all three members as co-writers and lead performers.
Posture Coach performances bring a lot activity to the stage. Band members switch instruments and transmit kinetic energy to their audience. Their devotion to the performance is always matched by their audience. Expect to hear influences from bluegrass, post-hardcore, garage rock, 80s indie-rock, proto-punk, traditional country, folk, post-punk, and new wave. Expect to hear time signature and modal experimentation. Expect to hear all elements blended seamlessly into listenable rock and roll.


Forth-Coming debut album "Give Them Excess" (post production)

Set List

A typical Posture Coach show runs between 30 to 40 minutes. They play an intense, comprehensive, yet concise and mostly original set set. The Songs currently in rotation are from their forthcoming album and are usually 11 or 12 of the following:

'After the Fog'
'The First and the Last'
'Gus the Mutilator'
'Pets v Humans'
'To Old Lady Proserpine'
'River Piave'
'Give them Excess' (performed with electronic live sampling breakdown)