Post War Wage Slaves

Post War Wage Slaves

 Liverpool, England, GBR

a poet, a lover, a hater, a theif, a dreamer, a angel, a devil, a creep, a junkie, a killer, a worrior prince a father, a brother, a man with no sence, a planet, a temple, a storm and a sea, a preacher, an idol, a sweet symphony, a skin head, a mod, a rocker, a freak.


‘We’re the Post War Wage Slaves - this is music.’

So begins every performance from the ‘Post War Wage Slaves’, the band which, since 2005, have been making waves in Liverpool with their unique brand of Guitar Rock. Described as everything from ‘Urban Punk’ to the ‘New Liverpool sound’, this fresh approach from three local lads has not gone unnoticed in their home city.

Having played such venues as the Liverpool Barfly and the legendary Cavern Club, the Post War Wage Slaves have enjoyed some recognition locally and are now eager to take their music to a wider audience. The first album ‘Humble Beginnings’ is expected for release in early Summer ‘08, boasting an impressive mix of high-energy anthems and engaging melodic grooves. The poppy, infectious ‘Until The Banks Burst’ has hit single written all over it, while the beautiful simplicity of ‘Love’s Turned On Its Side’ is an honest, tender portrayal of a relationship gone sour.

From frontman David Ruddock’s poetic, often mischievous lyrics to the driving, rhythmic accompaniment from Andy Cowan (Bass) and Patrick Rossiter (Drums), the Post War Wage Slaves represent a new and exciting direction for guitar bands. Poised and equipped to explode onto the 21st Century music scene, surely these ‘unknowns’ will not remain that way for long.