Pip of the Fourth Mother
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Pip of the Fourth Mother

Shillong, Meghālaya, India

Shillong, Meghālaya, India
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Interview with Pip of the Fourth Mother"

Their Myspace page may not say much about the band, but with a unique band name like ’Pip of the Fourth Mother‘ or PoT-FM as fans would love to call them, Pip Of the Fourth Mother is a immensley talented alternative/Pop Punk band from Shillong, India. We had a chance to catch up with the band frontman Jason Manners for this brief interview - Santhosh Lobo

"POTFM – The Rise of ‘LUN’"

POTFM, has gone through its fair share of changes in its line up. What started as a solo project has now turned into a powerful trio with Jason Manners on Guitars and Vocals, Dauni Laloo on Bass Guitars and Ben Daniel Ryngksai on Drums. “We are a band now, it’s a family. It’s like we’re on the same page”. - Samuel Sawian

"Know Your Stars : Jason Manners"

One thing that people know you for, and you wish you weren’t: hmmm.. I really don’t know. But I would wanna avoid my “Blackout Drinking” habits. Many incidents to its credit but of course I wouldn’t remember. oh yeah, I did crash a Junkyard Groove gig at Madras Christian College way back in 2007. lol - Indianrockmp3.com

"Gig Review : Tuborg Unseen Underground Pub Fest – East India Tour"

The Shillong show catered lesser crowd than the Guwahati show and there was no room for metal bands in the Pubs. Demonic Resurrection was lucky enough to get their buzz. Anyway the crowd gathered for the show at Tango were very energetic and most of them were musicians . Shillong’s popular alternative rock band Pip Of The Fourth Mother started the show. These highly energetic guys really warmed up the climate of the place. Their original “Shillong” seemed to be very popular among the crowd. Next up on stage was Lucid Recess. The crowd had a great time with the band. Inspite of the crowd’s request for more songs from the band they had to wrap up as the party crowd wanted their DJ music to be on. - Jatin Sharma

"Hard Electric Tour 2010 rocks the city"

Bands like Street Stories, Pip of the Fourth Mother and others got the audience to their feet. Immaculately hitting every sting and tone, they compelled everyone in the audience to call for an encore. - Thomas Lim, Editor, Meghalaya Times

"Go ‘LUN’ATIC! - Pip Of The Fourth Mother[POTFM] | Single Review"

POTFM or Pip of the Fourth Mother is a power pop/ alt band from Shillong. This is a band that takes a page from Punk Rock, while composing as well. Their latest single ‘Lun’ exemplifies the fact that this is one band which is capable of creating tasty alt-punk songs with chorus parts that WILL make you sing along. The song has shades of 90s Punk and carries off an infectious energy that cannot be anyway
disregarded. The production is quite well and the song commences on a mild ‘alt’ edge and soon takes the shape of energetic rock n roll. The chorus part is like some sort of an assorted candy that you can’t stop having! Go POTFM ! - Kabya Ghosh , Indian Music Movement

"Pip of The Fourth Mother 'Sweetest Thing' Review"

It shares its name with U2’s lovelorn hit ‘Sweetest Thing’ but this Shillong band’s track is nowhere close, raging on power pop punk. The lyrical ability parallels Blink 182’s frolicsome wordplay. The vocals catch on the nasal quality reminiscent of Dexter Holland and Billie Joe Armstrong. The melody is original but flirts with Offspring-ish compositions and heavy fuzz on guitars. Low on production value, Pip of The Fourth Mother is still stuck in the garage phase; hopefully they will catch the professional drift with time.
- Neha Sharma, Rollingstone India Magazine



1. "Shillong" has been featured in "Vs. the World Vol4" Compilation Album by Quickstar Productions, USA and "Great Eastern Rock Vol1" Compilation Album by TNT Magazine, INDIA.

2. "I thought I was a protege" has been featured on "Stupid Ditties 4" Compilation album by Ennui.Bomb, INDIA

3. "Lun" on radio airplay at Red FM, Shillong, INDIA



The year is 1998 and The Offspring has just released its fifth album Americana. A 10 year old kid runs to the neighbourhood music store with a piggy bank clutched tightly under his arm not knowing how much money he had. Desperation had wound itself into a tight coil in the boy’s mind with each passing glance of the album poster that had hung in front of the store. This was his day of reckoning and he was feeling lucky. A hammer was brought forward and the blow was struck. Shattering coins and folded notes were sent in utter and complete disarray. His heart ran at a mile a minute as the shopkeeper counted and then… he spoke. “You’re short… by 18 rupees”.

This was not the first time that he was denied something because what he had wasn’t good enough or simply because he was not good enough. Throughout his life the boy had been ridiculed and called stupid, dumb, useless, a good for nothing, a bum. Of all these names, one stayed and this name was Lun. This is his story and the journey which a band called Pip of the Fourth Mother took to turn him into reality, in their first EP named after him. Lun literally translated in the Khasi language is a tadpole, a derogatory term associated with someone who is all of the above but only lesser. Now I know what you’re thinking… Oh no!!! Not another sob story! Do not be disheartened fair dudes and lady dudes for there is hope yet. The story continues…

His heart sank. As he gathered the coins and crumbled pieces of paper, a silent chord was struck. The hardened merchant grew himself a heart and granted this boy in turn, his heart’s desire. What followed, were several hours of electrifying playback in a suburban living room that introduced the boy to the subtle arts of Punk Rock.

Pip of the Fourth Mother or POT-FM as fans have come to know them, is a pop-metal trio from Shillong, Meghalaya. Their influences predominantly include 90’s mainstream rock and alternative rock bands like Papa Roach, The Offspring, Blink 182 and punk rock bands like NOFX (spelt No Effects). Their sound is a unique blend of catchy riffs and raw aggression that can be described as The Offspring meets Guns n Roses.

POTFM’s journey goes hand in hand with its front man Jason Manner’s musical career. He joined his first band in junior college but it was only till he got into engineering college that things got a little serious with a band called “The Lost Dogs”. His weapon of choice, were the drums. They played Nu age rock and Metal and they went as far as winning one competition. This new found rise however did not last long and the band soon broke up because of misunderstandings. It was then that he thought he should start a band with music that he was comfortable with – 90’s alternative mainstream and that was when he picked up the guitar. When asked why the guitar, he said “because I thought I would define the band more with the guitar. I didn’t know how to play it but I didn’t care “. What was this band called I asked…” It was called Pip of the Fourth Mother”. Initially however the band was called E-Diot but that lasted as long as a short fuse. In November 2008, the demo single “Sweetest Thing” was reviewed on Rolling Stone Magazine. The song was in its raw, true to self form, with just guitar, drums and vocals. Perhaps it was the humble sound that the youth identified with or the razor blade, bratish sound that the band is now known for, whatever it was, we were hooked.

POTFM, has gone through its fair share of changes in its line up. What started as a solo project has now turned into a powerful trio with Jason Manners on Guitars and Vocals, Dauni Laloo on Bass Guitars and Ben Daniel Ryngksai on Drums. “We are a band now, it’s a family. It’s like we’re on the same page”.

The creative process behind popular songs like “I thought I was a Protégé” and “Hit Me” is a product of a spontaneous jam of ideas. The lyrics are borne out of individual and collective experiences and it is out of these experiences that the idea of Lun was formed. Being a “young” band in a relative sea of veteran musicians, they are branded as idiots, albeit jokingly, both musically and otherwise. It is this constant struggle of being told that you are not good enough that is the main driving force between the band and their EP Lun. The EP is an indie home production and has a track list that features old favourites like “I thought I was a protégé” ,”Shillong” and “Hit me” and new songs which includes the title track, “Lun” and “Shooting Stars”. “Shooting Stars is a song that’s dedicated to a friend who relies on wishful thinking to live a better life”. The title track is about a guy named Lun who is dying in the arms of time and who would give it all for a second chance at life, anything to start again. What better way to start again, than with an EP.