"PotionX is a tasteful mixture of Modern Rock, Pop and Dance Music"


Webster's dictionary defines PotionX as "a powerful mixture of Modern Rock, Pop and Dance music". Based in Harrisburg, Pa. this powerhouse quintet featuring Noelle Reeder on lead vocals is quickly gaining area attention and favorable reviews from the local music community. Whether belting out a rock tune from Kelly Clarkson to a hip hop infused jam from Sublime, Noelle handles the microphone duties with power, grace and precision.
The rhythm section of the band includes Todd Thanhauser on drums and Jeff "J-Funk" Steffen on bass. Todd is a seasoned performer who has toured regionally and has also worked with national recording artists in his career including Grammy award winning vocalist John Schlitt of Head East/Petra fame. Todd is an exciting player to both watch and listen to whether laying down a hypnotic disco beat, thundering tom fills or cymbal chokes all the while spinning and catching sticks and the crowd's attention.

Jeff or "J-Funk" as the fans have come to know him, spreads his infectious bass grooves whenever he plays. Citing influences such as Victor Wooten, Tony Levin, and Robert Fripp, J-Funk's bass playing is as diverse as his musical influences. Whether laying down a disco groove on "Hot Stuff" or rocking out with the boys on "Barracuda" J-Funk is a solid, creative player who together with Todd gives PotionX their signature tight funky bottom end.

Joel DiPietro and Blair Karsnitz share guitar and vocal duties with Noelle and Blair also handles the keyboard duties giving PotionX a very full and powerful sound. Joel is a veteran of the Harrisburg music scene and is also a serious heavy metal guitarist/bassist having recorded numerous albums. His vocal stylizing compliments Noelle's and when he steps up to belt out Green Day's "Holiday" or Van Halen's "Jump" he commands the crowd's attention. Blair the resident prankster of the band is exciting to watch whether he is spinning his guitar or adding tasteful guitar/ keyboard embellishments.

PotionX...Taste it Baby!

Set List

We typically play three 45 minute sets. Here is a sample of our set lists. We always change our set lists and are constantly adding new material.

Ready To Go--Republica
Get This Party Started--Pink
I Think We're Alone Now--Tiffany
Loverfool—The Cardigans
Work it out--Beyonce
Hot Stuff—Donna Summer
We Got The Beat---The Go Go’s
Walking on Sunshine—Katrina and the Waves
Man I Feel Like A Woman—Shania Twain
Pictures of you—Kid Rock/Cheryl Crow
She Hates Me—Puddle of Mudd
Boy's of Summer—The Ataris
Since you've been gone---Kelly Clarkson
Sweet Child Of Mine---Guns and Roses
Take It Off—The Donnas
Don't Tell Me—Avril Lavigne
What I Got--Sublime
I'm just a girl---No Doubt
I'm Only Happy When It Rains--Garbage
99 Red Balloons--Goldfinger
Hash pipe--Weezer
Holiday—Green Day
867-5309—Tommy Tutone
My Own worst enemy--Lit
I Want Candy—Bow Wow Wow
One Way Or Another--Blondie
Its My Life—No Doubt
Jump—Van Halen
Separate Ways--Journey