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Humboldt County, CA is best known for 3 things:
1. Its world famous marijuana
2. Its world famous marijuana
3. The rap duo of 1 Ton and UnderRated who together are known as Potluck

For the last decade Potluck has built a well-deserved reputation as the premiere rap group in Humboldt County and one of the more promising young talents to emerge from Northern California’s legendary and organic independent hip-hop scene.

Combining an ‘average joe’ sensibility along with syrupy west coast beats, clever samples, and witty rhymes – Potluck’s weed inspired song topics include everything from life and love’s tribulations to neck-snapping battle raps.

Back in 1995, 1 Ton, who originally hails from San Diego, and UnderRated, who was born and raised in Humboldt, met at a dj trial. “We were the two tightest djs there, so it was natural we hooked up,” remembers UnderRated about the first encounter.

Despite the fact that they were from different backgrounds—1 Ton is African-American and UnderRated is Jewish—the two formed a musical chemistry as Emcees, Producers, and Dj’s which translated into some of the best club and house parties Humboldt had ever seen.

In 2000, the group released their debut album Humboldt County High. They distributed the record themselves up and down the West Coast through a label they formed, called Lost Koast Productions.

“In Humboldt, we became so popular, we were selling more albums than Brittany Spears,” smiles 1-Ton, about the group’s early days. Songs like the weed inspired “Humboldt County High” and the more serious “What’s Your Purpose” catapulted Potluck into the mix of up and coming West Coast rappers.

Potluck went on to release 2 more full length Cd’s:
1. Potluck “Tha Lost Koast Kollective” (2002) a compilation album featuring Potluck with underground MC’s from Brooklyn, NY. to Humboldt County, Ca.
2. Potluck “Harvest Time” (2005) which features collaborations with Tech N9ne, E-40, The Mystik Journeymen, and Equpito.

Currently Lost Koast Productions and Suburban Noize Records have teamed up to bring you Potluck “Straight Outta Humboldt” which is primed to go down as a marijuana lovers classic. It has appearances from Kottonmouth Kings, The Luniz(I got 5 on it), Tech N9ne, and a host of others. It is scheduled for release Summer of 2006.

To date Potluck has toured the U.S. and performed with the likes of Too Short, E-40, Atmosphere, Tech N9ne, Lloyd Banks, Living Legends, Bone Thugs, J5, Andre Nickatina, Blackalicous, and Kottonmouth Kings.

Potluck takes the greatest high the earth has ever created “Marijuana” and combines it with their obvious lyrical and production skills, to create ground breaking music which will soon become LEGENDARY.

Listen for yourself… and understand.


Potluck "Humboldt County High" 2000
Potluck "Lost Koast Kollective" 2002
James Boy "Raps & Ballads" 2003
Bosko "Next Files: Rude Boyz, Livin' These Raps, Hot Tubs" 2003
Cool Nutz "Collabos: How We Build" 2004
Potluck "Harvest Time" 2004

Set List

Potluck can perform 20-60 minutes depending on the nature of the show. They can also DJ and make it last all night!

Here is an example of a 30 minute set below:

1. Intro
2. Stand Up
3. Just Like U
4. Hip Hop
5. Crown Royal Royal Blunts
6. Accepella
7. Let Loose
8. What's Your Purpose