Potters Field

Potters Field


Aggressive American Metal


"Then Judas, which had betrayed Him, saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests ... and they took counsel, and bought with them the potters field to bury strangers in."
Madison, Wisconsin. Formed in early 2003 from a diverse background of metal bands, the goal of Potter’s Field was to create music that was aggressive, sometimes melodic, and always challenging while bypassing rock n' roll clichés and ego. Early 2004 Potter’s Field began playing their first shows, and by April 2004 was found in the studio recording their first four song demo.
Potter’s Field has quickly earned a solid reputation of being a top band of notable talent in the Wisconsin music scene. The band continues to receive airplay from 94.1 fm WJJO and 89.9 fm WORT in the southern Wisconsin area, earned the respect of Jimmy Bower ("SUPERJOINT RITUAL", "DOWN") and other such national bands as "DRY KILL LOGIC," opened for several national acts such as "DOPE", and brought other national acts to Madison such as "EYEHATEGOD" to help promote the metal scene. In the summer of 2005 they added their first major sponsor "SKYY Vodka" and their song “Come Around” was featured in a Gary Fisher Mountain Bike television commercial.
Potters Field has a severe dedication to true metal music and its fans. The band promotes their own "Metal-Fests," brings national metal acts to Madison, and arranges bus transportation to their distant gigs for fans.
Mid 2005 efforts were focused on finishing production on their first full-length 11 song self-titled release and spreading the message.
With influences ranging from established icons like Slayer and Pantera to Lamb of God and Superjoint Ritual, Potters Field has an approach that is uncompromisingly aggressive and darkly melodic.
In a music scene dominated more by copycats and clichés than by talent, Potter’s Field carves a hardcore path through the hype and ego. Ferocious, intricate, and unforgiving, Potters Field is a much needed reminder of what American metal is all about.
For booking information please contact Trevor Reed via "Dragonfly Entertainment" at booker1@charter.net
Potters Field songa available for download also on www.isound.com/potters_field


Mr. Gein

Written By: Cacavas,Berry,Schultek,Sheets

(Pain,Hate) You leave me alone
not much more left of me
(Pain,Hate) slowly finding myself
becoming Gein
(Pain,Hate) trickery of lies like a flash in my soul
coming down tell me what I really know

I don't need to know what I seem to know
everything is better this way
I don't need to stay, take this life away
I'm sick of all this fighting

(I feel pain)
All if ever want to do is kill you
(whenever you're around me)
all I want to do is see you dead

Push me in the sand
I'm the dying man crippled and formed to your wasteland
Hollow searching soul
not much left I know I feel I've become

You motherfucker, what about my pain?

It was a fucking dream
I've become Gein

Which one of you understands the light?
Which one of you understands the pain?
Mr. Gein

The only ones who understand the pain
are the ones who have died by his hand
Mr. Gein


Written By: Cacavas,Berry,Schultek,Sheets

What is left of me?
Focus the life that you take from me
Betrayal, anger, and fallen dreams
Pretend nothing is left of me
something I can do but I can't change myself
Still I rise

Fallen (down), an angel without wings
Dying, everything in me
Hatred, to my mankind
Take these feelings that I hide

Not much more left of me
Feelings so dark I don't believe
Feeling though I'm lost in my lonely soul (I feel the pain)
Feelings so dark I don't believe

Conflict with your reality
Believer, there's nothing to believe
Twisted what you want from me
Hypocrit, don't fuck with me

What is left of me?
Where's my life?
What is left of me?

Not much more left of me
Feelings so dark I don't believe
Feeling though I'm lost in my lonely soul (I feel the pain)
Not much more life to go

Whay don't you understand I'm here to fuck with you?

I forgive you father for I know you're the one that sinned
Where's my life?
You've taken everything away from me

Come Around

Written By: Cacavas,Berry,Schultek,Sheets

My life is taken away
There's not much more I can say
Please take these feelings away
My life is taken away from me

Hey Mr. Dopeman I'm buying, what you got for me now?
Hey Mr. Loser I'm trying, trying to be something
Hey Mr. Preacher you're preaching to the wrong soul now
Hey Mr. Believer I believe now in your nothing

When it comes around it makes me wonder
When it comes around it makes me go

(Fake) You can push me to the edge of my existance
(Take) You can push me to the edge of this cliff
(Fake) I don't want to be like you no more now
(Hate) I hate you with every ounce of my soul

I don't want to be like you I want to be myself
I don't want to look like you I want to look like myself
I don't want to act like you I want to act like myself
I don't want to be like you I want to be myself

I feel nothing, nothing's left of me
I feel that I'm hollow
I feel that you've got nothing to say
I feel lost in tomarrow

You're a fake

Hey Mr. Dopeman I'm leaving, I've got a new life now
Hey Mr. Believer I believe, I believe I'm something
Hey Mr. Dreamer I'm dreaming, dreaming of something
Hey Mr. Time I know there was nothing

I cannot stand myself no more
I hate what I have just become
I cannot hate myself no more
I hated everything
What have I become?


Potters Field- Initial self-titled release
All songs available at www.pottersfield.net!
*94.1 WJJO, WORT 89.9 radio airplay

September 2005 Release of first full-length EP

Influence on 94.1 WJJO 2006 "Locals Only" CD

Set List

Potters Field has enough original material to play 60-70 minutes excluding covers.