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Ever heard a hip hop group that makes their own music...writes their own rhymes...produces their own records...never crunk...never pimpin'...always indie...not afraid to play in bars (while talking about Jesus) and is FREAKIN' DOPE AS CRAP?


Pottie Skippen are six (6) guys who met on campus at Marshall University in Huntington, WV in early 2006 and shared a desire to express their creativity and faith in Christ through hip-hop music. Soon after a few initial meetings, they got together in the studio, songs started forming, and an album started to take shape. No less than 4 months later, they had completed the full-length (24 track debut), entitled "The Ballad of Pete Rose" - this album spawning such hits as "Darkworld", "Insignificant like Nickels and Dimes" and "Do the Rumpelstiltskin".

Soon after the completion of "...Pete Rose", the band began taking their energetic art to the stage, performing live in and around their hometown, having already shared the stage with Bradley Hathaway and Darel, Jr. and having members appearing frequently at open mics all around town.

Now the New Year is upon us and not even a year old, we find the band back in the studio recording their follow up album (a 6 song group EP also including 6 additional tracks, each a solo - one by each six members, with a scheduled release for early 2007).

Exciting things are in the works for Pottie Skippen! More shows are being booked...a new album is coming out...amazing solo work from each member...new fans...new friends... good times...and through it all, their focus remains the same: to share with the world the LOVE and GRACE of JESUS CHRIST through the best underground hip-hop music you've ever heard (out of Huntington, WV that is...)

To contact Pottie Skippen directly, please contact Matthew Pack (Leonard) at:
(304)633-9794 -or-


Insignificant Like Nickels And Dimes

Written By: Pottie Skippen

(The Big Event) Pottie Skippen, you know it's ripping, throw away that gin you're sipping. It's time for my boys to go to town, giving you a spiritual beatdown.

(Hot Sauce) Ready or not, cause here comes the boom. It's Pottie Skippen gonna deliver the message to you. Check-matin' ya with the mic checkin' one-two...I'm here to bring the pain so what 'choo gonna do? You gonna get mad? Are you gonna get bitter? Are gonna give up and die and look like a quiter? You better not cause God could've given up when he had a chance and that's all Satan would've needed to advance...but he didn't. So get your head back in the game, cause I won't stop until you call upon His name. And if you want to resist, well I'm telling you that that's alright, cause I'll be on my knees preparing for another fight. I don't know if in the end you're gonna be feeling this, but that's a choice you've got to make, man, after hearing this.

(Ham) Now I hope you're ready to hear some more rhymes. Now what could I be ready to rap about this time? Could it be something insignificant like nickels and dimes? Or something with a flow that goes together like lemon and lime. It's no surprise I'm hear to open your eyes, but only you can accept it for yourself. So let go of your pride and try to realize that God cries when you run away from Jesus' embrace. You know He died so you could truly be alive and look Him in the face. Without the shame and the pain of all the wrong that you've done. The things that make you afraid to be held by the Glorious One. Now I'm not trying to say that I'm a perfect man, I'm just looking for a way to help you understand God's plan.

(The Big Event) What am I doing here, I don't belong? But He's given me a song. So I'll sing to the King, and I'll bring everything lay at His feet, sing to the beat, try to make it sound like I've got it all together...
I don't even have all the questions but I know who (is) the Answer, give Him your spiritual cancer. Make the transfer from death to life. You don't have tomorrow, but you can have eternity. Let Him be, can't you see, He's the answer for you and me...

(Leonard) The Ballad of Pete Rose, pumping out hypnotic prose. Here's a tissue, blow your nose, I hit you with the flow I chose. All live, say it loud, it's for my Christ I say it proud. He's the King, He wears the crown, for only Him I lay it down. Jesus knows you need his love, jack. He died on the cross, on the third day He came back. Second time, rock the rhyme, let it flow into your mind. Don't you know it's Christ that shines? The world is dark it tends to blind.

(Snowman) Walking through this world makes my knees go weak. Thinking 'bout my past makes my life seem bleak. Living is a battle always in the heat, but thank God for His love, I shall be released. Y'all can't even fathom His love is forever, His plan is for every man. Can't even fathom, man. Living day to day can make my mind go mad. Watch the evening news can make my heart go sad. But singing Halleluhah give me such sweet peace, for someday God has promised I shall be released. Y'all must think I'm crazy when I should be crying, cause I feel like dying but not when I've found out...living is a battle always in the heat. But thank God for His Word say(ing) I shall be released. And singing Halleluhah give me such sweet peace. For someday my sweet Jesus I shall be released.

- - - All lyrics by their respective emcee. Beat, recording, and mixing by Ham. (c) 2006 Pottie Skippen - - -


2006: "The Ballad of Pete Rose" LP (independently released)

Coming in 2007: "This E.P. is Book/The Seventh Grade Skills Mixtape" Split CD

Set List

Typical setlist for PS is between 20 and 30 minutes, but we can easily go over 40 in group material. Adding solo material, we can provide an hour and a half set. Here is an example of a previous (and common) Pottie Skippen setlist...

Intro 0:20
Get Up 3:29
Whatchoogonnadowithit?! 4:40
Insignificant Like Nickels and Dimes 3:11
Three Amigos 2:59
Do The Rumpelstiltskin 3:33
Pteradactyl 3:46
Darkworld 3:47