Pottiffer's Penny

Pottiffer's Penny


a visual to excentuate the audio...
drama to accent the energy...
heavy to accompany the melody..


formed in 1997 out of yorkville, illinois. making hard rock originals. receive airplay from over 10 stations ranging from chicago, peoria, dekalb in illinois up to NYC in New York and Indiana, and Wisconsin as well. fan base has grown towards 1000 people with 2 demo recordings and newest ep release, "crippled march". played festivals, tv shows, bars, clubs, vfw's, parites, and have won battle of bands to gain growing local status and success.


"The Hang" demo cd
"Crippled March" e.p
"Big Fat Worm", "The Hang", and "Lines" receive college airplay in midwest as well as commercial airplay in NYC.

Set List

45minute to hour set..
1. Lines
2. Crippled March
3. The Hang
4. Bread
5. Donkey Dick
6. Captain
7. Appointment
8. No Words
9. Treason
10. Big Fat Worm

extras for 1.5 hour set..
11. Opera 70
12. Sew
13. Hold
14. Greetings Habbit
15. System of a Down cover
16. Tool Cover