Pounding Horse Teeth
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Pounding Horse Teeth

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Folk Rock


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Still working on that hot first release.



We first started playing in November of 2010. It was a week before Thanksgiving and as we were having a taco dinner, a round table discussion began. The subject: What we are thankful for (a common subject around that time of year).

After all the dirty jokes were told and the laughter subsided, Phats Magee put his head down. He was staring at the last taco. Everyone at the table went silent. The room went silent. Kaya Magee asked if he was okay.

Phats looked up.

Staring blankly at the wall he said:

“I’m thankful for the music we are about to bring the world”

He held his hand out over the middle of the table.

Benny BMX rose from the table. Walked over to a toy guitar one of the kids was playing with. He grabbed it. Strummed a D against the plastic strings.

It rang out in glory complimenting the young crying boy and then he stopped. Placed his hands across the strings to mute the sound. Grabbed the neck and flung the guitar into the chandelier hanging over the table.

Pieces of glass flew everywhere. He put his hand on Phats hand. He was in.

Kaya wiped away the shards of glass from his taco. He knew he couldn’t get them all. He didn’t care. What was happening before him was too important.

He looked into Phats’ eye. Took a bite of taco. Blood dripped out of his mouth onto the table. Reached out and placed his hand on Ben’s hand which was on Phat’s hand. He was in.

Suddenly there was a crash against the piano in the corner of the room. Everyone turned there heads in shock.

Spaceboy was sitting at the piano. Elbows up. Shoulder down. His head hung low.

A tear dripped from his eye.

He whispered, “You’ll need this.”

All of a sudden his left hand played a C major while his right complemented with a D minor. Then an F a G an A, G B D# Bf A MAJOR 7

He stopped. Lifted his hands, now covered in ivory.

“I concur”, he spoke as he placed his hands on top of the others.

And so Pounding Horse Teeth was born and with it, hope for the next generation.