Zephyrhills, Florida, USA

poundSalt is a rock/reggae/funk band from Tampa, FL. This band, formerly from Ohio, is making themselves known in the south with their high octane live show and originals with influences that range from Pixies to House of Pain.


Poundsalt was formed in Ohio (during one of many long periods of boredom that is Ohio) by high school friends Casey Jones and Brett Shock when they realized the music they wanted to hear was not to be found. It needed to be chili Peppers and Primus meets Clutch, a tricky combo indeed. Quickly they assembled an array of songs the likes of which had never been heard. Rock but funky, heavy yet melodic with catchy hooks and bass driven, they knew what must be done! One task remained, find a drummer man enough to complete the group. After many attempts to find this awesome man in Ohio they set off for South Carolina in hopes of better luck. They didn't find any. Then, one night they had an epiphany. All the best drummers were in small towns in central Florida! The duo packed again and headed toward the water but after a year of gigging the area, they still had not found the missing piece. Then, just when all seemed lost, they learned of a local drummer who had become available. James Van Bremen joined them and POUNDSALT was born! After only two years they are fast on the rise having played nationally supporting three top ten singles on Las Vegas's V Radio (including two number one's), a hit YouTube video for the single "Window", and opening for Hall of Fame inductee Marty Balin. Now through a collaboration with international distributor Rising Sun, they move toward, you guessed it, their destiny!


Socially High (2000)
*streaming V Radio of Las Vegas
*Wittenburg Radio, Ohio

Window (Single 2010)
*Audio and Video

Set List

*poundSalt Originals...
I Am
Cherry Tree
Woman of Mine
From Ohio
Scape Goat
Back in the Day
Only Mine
Bother Me
Puff Tuff
Makin Jamacain Bacon
Chavez Boy
Last Summer

Manic Depression~ Jimi Hendrix
Jump Around ~House of Pain
Hybrid Moments ~ Misfits
Damn Blue Collar Tweakers ~ Priums
Sir Physco~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
Soul to Squeeze~ Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Want to get High~ Cypress Hill
Sublime~ All!!
(And many more!!)