pouring glass dreams

pouring glass dreams


Unaware of the norm or just not caring...


An almost lifeless old man clings desperately to his box. It is one of the few things in this world that he really cares about. Before his end he gives it to another. This person is struggling, in every aspect of the word. He is part of a group without any direction, who are searching for their way. They open it and for the first time they see the path before them...

Recently opening for such acts as Dallas Green (alexisonfire), Out of Your Mouth, Money Money, Idle Sons and The Forgotten Rebels, pouring glass dreams has continued to create and play music that affects them and has dire importance to them. They may never make it to the top of the mountain but they will sure enjoy the view from where-ever they are.


among us - 2005
lex talionis - 2004
the alpha and the omega ep - 2003

'beautifully terrified' currently played on university/college radio stations across Ontario.

Set List

30-45 min set:

1) as i was dragged down the ravine
2) grasping in vain
3) narrow spread panic
4) in desperate times
5) before the storm
6) we wept
7) the ship is going down
8) beautifully terrified
9) ernest