pourquoi me reveiller

pourquoi me reveiller



Pourquoi me reveiller is a Dutch alternative and aimless band. After a few months of nasty torture they finished their first tracks of their upcoming new album called ?They took my bed outside!? The expected official release of the album will be approx. February/March 2005.

Pourquoi me reveiller was formed in 1998 by Muf (vocals, piano, accordion and guitar), Nix (guitar), Fallus (gamba and bass gamba) and Inkie (bass guitar).

After years of raging puberty accompanied by extremely loud music they decided to approach music in a little less disturbing way. Piano and viola da gamba replaced distorted guitars and since we had no drummer the music softened a bit. After years of practicing and doing gigs in lots of dubious places, pourquoi was given the opportunity to write and perform music for a theatre production. A re-make of l'histoire du soldat.

2004, Pourquoi woke up and decided to write and record new songs. Right now pourquoi's primary aim is to get on stage so they can do what they like best.


Full length album "They took my bed outside" (March 2005 by Dying Giraffe Recordings).