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20 year old upcoming hip/hop artist out of Wyoming!


Powder was born Adam C. Raymond on April 18th, 1984, in South Dakota. He was raised, for the most part, in Wyoming by his single mother and grandmother. Since Powder was very young he has always loved music. Powder loves and respects music for the power it has. Powder started writing music at the age of 14, while in a juvenile treatment center. He fell in love with hip/hop immediately. Since then, at the age of 17, he recorded his 1st demo "Just The Beginning". Also at the age of 17 he recorded his latest "Verballistic Arsonist". He signed with Bliss Artist Management and Fresh Flava Entertainment soon after "Just The Beginning" was finished. They immediately saw Powder's potential and dedication.

Powder lives for music, and he will never stop making it. Powder is 150% dedicated to his future in this industry. He always puts his best into what he does. To Powder the fact that he is coming out of Wyoming means nothing. He puts all his time and effort into what he does to make it the best, regardless of his location. To Powder location means about as much as skin tone. Talent is talent, if you have it then you should use it! That is why when Powder was recording his next album, "Reality", he brought versatility to the album. There is a song 4 everyone. Nobody has ever thought that Wyoming had upcoming talent, let alone lyricist's, but Wyoming is about to be put up on the spot!


"Reality" (#5 on "Reality")

Written By: Powder


Intro (talking)......

Verse 1:

reality sucks, it’s got me fucked up, next collector that calls me up is getting fucked up, at 16 and 17 I should’ve learned my lesson, cuz now I’m 20 and I’m a convicted felon, my P.O.’s yellin, that bitch is stressin me out, and I can see up in her eyes she’s just testin me now but see I’m on the rebound and ain’t nobody gonna phase me, reality is just a fallacy, it’s crazy, I can’t even puff on any THC cuz see randomly they come collect my pee, and I enjoy bein free so I can’t fuck up this probation, stay away from dope and all of it’s temptations, 3 to 5 in the pen, that shit ain’t worth it but I feel a ton of pressure cuz I’m far from perfect, damn I’m nervous but still down to work it, reality has caused all of my pain to surface,


reality, it’s just a fallacy, cuz as a child you see, and think that life is care free, but barely cuz I got bills to pay, damn homie this shit is real today, (Repeat 1x)

Verse 2:

people got bills to pay, and kids to feed, there is crack, methamphetamines, and poverty, and that’s reality, I’ll wrap it up in a nutshell, cuz the truth is in 2 words, life ain’t nothin BUT HELL, cuz I’ve been tried and I’ve had my tribulations, but that’s my life and that shit makes me Adam Raymond, but ya’ll can call me Powder, with this flow I’ve found containment, “Bliss Artist Management” “Fresh Flava Entertainment”, like a fire you can’t contain we’ve started to move, and I’m workin the underground, I’m payin my dues, and so I have to be true, to myself and to my rap, cuz fake people suck and I’m just not like that, individuality will lead to reality, you step out on your own and you gonna see thru the fallacy,


"Way2Vicious" (#6 on "Reality")

Written By: Powder

“Way 2 Vicious”
featuring Versatyle & Mr. Grimes


“Way2Vicious” on the motherfuckin beat, and we done rocked the mic, so get up on your feet, (I said,) (Repeat 3x’s)

Verse 1 (Powder):

get up on your feet, “Way2Vicious” on the beat, this is Powder I’m on the mic, so welcome to “Reality”, I hopped a plane, just like that, from Salt Lake to Cali, to record my rap, put down some tracks and then I laid down my vocals, kickin back and chillin wit Bay Area locals, we kinda got loco but see we made shit happen, spendin 10 hours straight studio rappin, fuck slackin cuz I am filled with dedication, and my inspiration is life so fuck location, love it or hate it, Imma keep on keepin on, and Imma keep on droppin songs, and Imma keep on shockin ya’ll, with my skill (for real) but don’t think that I’m arrogant, I got some talent so I’m just tryin to share the shit, so everywhere I’ve went, I always do my thang, from DC to Cali, I spit my flame,


Verse 2 (Mr. Grimes):

intellect, quietest kept, I rock the M-I-C, you might of heard of me in your local playa directory, open your book and turn to page 33, I’m like a crook, snatchin them bitches comes easy to E, I’m tryin to be all I can be, let’s get together you and me, and later on we could see, I guarantee you’ll reach exstacy when your fuckin with G’s like these, LRD, Way2Vicious rhymes and P, Southern Cali come ride with me, slide with me, dip and dive with me, Powder come glide with me, Mattel I know you got the weed, that sticky-icky green, the killa-Cali bling, playa’s know what I mean, give me the mic and I’ll manage to rip that shit like a savage, 17 steps above average, fuck em I’m focused on cabbage, my stress won’t ease until I’m livin lavish, smashin on all you bastards, with classics you plastic, you break like glass,


Verse 3 (Versatyle):

(what) once again it’s that crooked ass mexican, you can find me slidin thru yo hood off some hen, probably DUI’in, ridin on some chrome rims, feelin blitzed, head spinnin like the exorcist, see I’m the type to make you think “should I pack a gat?”, if you blink your on your back up in this habitat, in the streets if your weak, ya don’t eat, stay on your feet, don’t sleep cuz these haterz creep, entrepreneur’s in the ghetto learn to slang drugs, it runs in the blood everybody’s got some thug, in em hit em like ‘Grand Skeme’ spittin vemom, slugs penetratin thru yo denim when it’s time to get em, up in the middle of the streets til our knuckles bleed, I’m neva fallin short- motherfucker I’m in the lead, the mind frame of a savage livin high speed, forever till I die I got the streets behind me,

Interlude (Powder):

cuz ‘Way2Vicious’ done rocked the beat, and you know we, we straight brought some heat, so if your feelin this then rock with me, and if your tryin to hate bitch, get up off me,
cuz you, ain’t neva gon stop me, so you, you can just keep on talking, and me, it’s time for me to handle some business, and jump up on the phone and start callin some bitches,

"Always Flowin" (#4 on "Reality")

Written By: Powder

“Always Flowin”
featuring Versatyle & SuperManning


From DC to Cali, to the middle of Wyoming, SuperManning - Versatyle and Powder are always flowing (Repeat 2x’s)
Manning, Versatyle, and Powder, it’s 2004, we break that shit off proper, bitch so now you know,

Verse 1 (Powder):

I’m from W - Y - to the O - M - I - N - to the - G, I’m just tryin to get by, and that’s no lie, cuz location don’t matter, I was born to do this, and that’s the only factor, I’m no actor/rapper cuz my songs are real, and I’m honest when I spit bcuz it’s how I feel, and it’s hard to deal wit multiple emotions and so I’m constantly writin, I’m always flowin, and you wouldn’t know it from when you spot me, a 6 foot 4 caucasion who isn’t stocky, who hasn’t got beef, no-one can stop me, I’m filled wit confidence but I’m a long way from cocky, bcuz that’s not me, I’m just not like that, an innovation to the next generation of white rap, and that’s a tight track, it’s “Way2Vicious” - cuz Powder teamed up with Versatyle, ya bitches,


Verse 2 (Versatyle):

I’m still at it in the game, Imma hustla, run up on this playboy, and Imma touch ya, your gettin laced up with game, by a real G, you about girls and cars but I’m about cheese, I make freaks get low in the club and on the late get a back scrub in the tub, and I ain’t sippin’ on no bottles of bub, tippin back plenty of henny with hypnotic in my cup, I’m tore up but so what man, watch how I do, don’t need to step up in the club with 20 dudes, I pull up to the club in a pacer on dubs, and still treat the baddest bitches like they some scrubs, what you know about squating a bucket like it’s a whip, I’m a pimp, I stay hi-fi about my chips, stay dedicated to my checking account, no more insufficient funds and checks that bounce (what),


Verse 3 (SuperManning):

What you thinkin' you be checkin', I'm comin' up fast, be kickin' yo ass, like this was a game of Tekken, ain't none like me, comin' up free, that's how it's gonna be, until the day I die, cuz Copper Squad's comin' through, and we blowin' right by, all of those, who wanna oppose, ya'll the one's I chose, We kill em' in rows, with the blows up to the head, they lay dead, hung over the bed, in a puddle of red, like I said two shells were made of lead, nigga fled, so what you sayin' no playin' straight slayin, be killin', start feelin', we speakin', be freakin', we sneakin' ya'll women home, it's copper top and copper tone, we spankin' that ass til the break of dawn. when ya'll get up out bed, you see that we be gone, Yo rappin' is wacker and sackin' at $5.25 an hour, my raps attackin, no lackin', can't deny cuz you know you felt the power, if it's got a hole we hit it, if it involves a game we spit it, and you know we do it all in about a New York Minute,



*Powder released a 4 song demo, titled: 'Just The Beginning', back in early spring 2001.

*Powder then came back in the fall of 2002 with a 4 song demo titled: 'Verballistic Arsonist'.

*Now Powder has just recently recorded his 1st Full Length album, titled: 'Reality'. The album was produced by 'Way2Vicious Productions" and has special appearances by: Versatyle, SuperManning, Mr Grimes, and last but not least the beautiful Mandy B! This 10 track album is sure to bring heat to the cold fields of Wyoming and will definetly cause a rawkus over the future of Wyoming's hip/hop scene.

Set List

Well my typical list would depend on a few different things, but would definetly include the following 7 tracks:
"No Regrets",
"Throw Yo Hands Up",
"Always Flowin",
off of my new album "Reality" COMING IN MARCH OF 2004