Powder Jay

Powder Jay

 Liverpool, New York, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

I'm not worried about being the greatest Mc ever. I love what I do, and do it because I am good at it. If you had just met me, You never would have guessed I recorded this! Broad Audience from rockers to teenyboppers


Origins in Music: In 1989 Jay was exposed to hip hop and decided that was the way for him.

1991-95 Through-out highschool Jay was involved in Choir, Musicals, Area allcounty and allstate music festivals.

In 1993, Jay was inducted into the International Society of Poets, and Published in the Library Of Congress in the anthology "wind in the Night Sky" under his real name Jamie Cheeseman.

(1998-present) His adult career, Jay has performed locally at open mic's He has 284 recordings under his belt. including those he produced for local artists as well as those overseas.

Notable artists include:
JoeyDimes- Jacksonville Fla. and NateMonoxide of Whitehaven, GB.

(2008-present) Powder Jay currently has a Gentlemans Agreement with indie label Weedspell Records UK.

2010: Outside the Rap world Jay opened his own DJ company called "Liverpool DJ's" based in Liverpool, NY. He does anything from Graduations to Weddings! Top 40sounds for any Occasion!


currently workin on his 14th full length albumn, Jays Most Notable albumn was his 2009 release "Powder Jay's Love Theory"
which can be found on itunes, amazon, napster, emusic.com, and rhapsody.