Power Chief

Power Chief



Power Chief is a kick in the face: a powerful Stoner Metal groove with the heavy soul of the Blues. Coming from a variety of Metal, Punk, and Blues backgrounds to create a sound that is at much a 70's Black Sabbath stomp as it is a harmonica-drenched blues jam from a back-alley bar in some dirty Southern town. Power Chief creates music that is infectious, gritty, and a whole lot of Rock 'n Roll.

Coming from backgrounds in Rock 'n Roll and Metal, drummer Dickie James Hill and bassist Andy Kahn bring the heavy anchor to the soulful Blues of guitarist Rio Norris and harmonica player Zach Johnson. The double bass beat of a Stoner Metal drummer and the one-two punch of a Rock bassist create an unexpected yet perfectly solid foundation for the dirty blues guitar and soulful harmonica – all powered through a Marshall stack.

Power Chief started as a collaboration between Rio, Andy and James in Austin, TX, in late 2011. Zach joined the trio in 2012. The harmonica element elevated Power Chief from Stoner Metal into something more. That something more is Viking Blues, which also happens to be their debut album released on Monday, March 4, 2013.


Demo EP - 2012
"Viking Blues" LP - 2013

Set List

Varies gig to gig based on venue and time slot.