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"Emergenza USA Entertainment Group"

I have listened to the CD in the car...what I remember of it (amongst other dozen of discs in your case) was that I found it a bit commercial (not a dirty word in your case) and the vocal arrangements were excellent ( I would not expect anything less). - Walter Combi - USA Artistic & P.R. Director

"Damn Good Music"

I am a 21 yr old DJ from Germany and I plaly in big Discotheken here like K-Club and it is a very hot and famous disco, many famous people there. www.k-me.de. I have a short question, for my appearance, could I have some of your club songs to spin here in Germany to help support you if you are interested!?!? Please holla back at me...Thanks, Amin - Amin aka DJ rnb4real

"A powerful album"

This is a record everybody needs to listern too,a must to have in your collections of records. I'm a fan of POWERFAM! www.cdbaby.com/powerfam - CD baby.com-Fan: sarah brown

"The best album ever"

I love this album and the music is hot,they gonna change the game of music in this era that we live in today. P.S. Don't stop let the beat drop,let your body rock don't stop until you reach the top. I love you guy!ROCK ON! www.cdbaby.com/powerfam - CD Baby-Fan: Tom letterman

"Power Fam Is Hot!!!"

Power Fam is hot. If they’re discovered by the right person this hip hop threesome’s spark could ignite a fire that runs rampant across the country and around the globe.

CL, Syze, and Bug were united by music. Three years ago the group decided that they would come together to execute a powerful mission that could potentially change hip hop. However, unlike so many artists who rule the genre these days, Power Fam is dedicated to gaining fame as a positive role model to the community.

The group understands that the people who listen to music are affected by the lyrics, and they’re devoted to keeping their own lyrics positive. These potential revolutionaries sing about loyal monogamous love, world peace, and the issues of abuse against women amongst other things.

Copy and paste link to read more. http://www.northeastintune.com/index.php?bd=reg&sb=land&article=070657 - Northeast In-Tune -- Lauren Proctor

"Critique of song "Don't Stop""

This song is well put together and solidly produced. It has a memorable hook, engaging verses and good energy and delivery on the performances. The voices fit nicely with each other. Don't Stop is uplifting and motivational; many will be able to connect. Overall, good job and all the best with your project. - TAXI

"Don't Stop is Kickin'"

April 27th 2006
CL, first of all, thank you for your promptness in getting the cdz out to us. The promotional material is on time. You brotha’s have it together… I like where you are coming from. I showed your stuff to a couple of other radio host’s here at the station and they applaud you as well! I’m going to play “Don’t Stop” this Saturday on the show. The song is great! It has all the elements of soul, rap, hip-hop and funk! The song should be an Anthem for any positive youth movement. Part of the click is hitting’ on me too. You fella’s are going to have me listening to more rap than I ever have (smile).

April 30th 2006
The show went fine, as it usually does. It was our spring membership drive, so I was not able to play as many songs as normal. I did play “Don’t Stop” and it had the people in the studio with me jumpin’! Everyone liked the song. I told my listeners that I normally don’t play much rap/hip-hop on the show, but because this song is slammin’, I’m going to make an exception. I got response that people liked the song. It stood out from the other funk that I play. Again, YOU GUYS HAVE A HIT ON YOUR HANDS! I will play it again next week. Keep up the good work. Skip - Skip the Funktologist/89.3 Denver Colorado

"Take Heart Association, Kenya"

Hi CL. Wow! We got the Power Fam press kit. You’ve got some great projects man. I’m already in love with the music. In fact, I’m immediately taking it to the media houses for airplay. To be honest, your music is really hot and I have guys here who are asking who you guys are. “What I’d Do, Part of the Click, CL’s Lab and Ride” are all strong possibilities for spins with several radio stations here in Africa. We will do our best to promote your music so that when it comes to air the adverts, you will be well know in Kenya. If you are popular, you will be all over the media here when you come to perform the concert on behalf of Take Heart Association. Thanks and God Bless. - Justin Kimany Mwaniki, Special Events Coordinator


1. Power Fam R&B/Hip-Hop Compilation Album "Power Fam" Vol. 1
2. Power Fam R&B/Hip-Hop Compilation Album "Tear It Down" Vol. 2
3. Power Fam R&B/Hip-Hop Compilation Album "1 Life" Specialty Album



CL is known as a man of many mind sets. With the central focus being music, he believes connection to all other sources of life is possible and necessary.

As an artist, CL has worn the hat of singer, musician, writer, engineer and producer. His current project is his solo e.p./album titled “Independently Thinking” and has a number of single releases coming out on numerous compilations nationally and internationally including Floss Magazines “Street Life” compilation due out May 2007, Westgrand Records “Music Heat Volume 2” compilation due out April 2007 and Water Musics' “Hip-Hop BEST OF Vo1. 1” compilation released in Asia under group Power Fam in June 2005. CL started his professional music career when he self-released his first professional recording of the United States national anthem under Power House Entertainment, LLC in November 2001. The song won an honorable mention with Billboard Magazine. In 2004, CL formed the Urban R&B/Hip-Hop group Power Fam. Power Fam went on to self-release two full length albums locally in stores and worldwide via the internet. Power Fam also released a single on a compilation in Asia with such artists such as Ice Cube, Eminem and Kelis. The compilation was very successful and is still on the market. Power Fam has played some very exciting and world known venues in New York such as the Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, The Knitting Factory and Kenny’s Castaways as well as venues and conferences thru-out the US including Emergenza, The NARM Convention and Cornucopia.

As a business man, CL is CEO and founder of Power House Entertainment, LLC, a New York based limited liability company formed in 1999. In 2004, CL saw all that PHE had to offer and sub-divided his company into a number of specialized components. Within the PHE walls are Artisown Records an independent record label, Instrumental People Publishing (BMI), Power Lab Studios & Productions and Power Group Entertainment & Management an event management company responsible of the creation and success of the Music Independence Summit Connection conference. CL belongs to a number of industry organizations including the National Association of Retail Merchandisers (NARM), Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) and the National Association of Recording Arts & Science (NARAS-Grammys) as well as served on the Grammy in Schools committee two years in a row.

Being a big advocate of education and youth, CL has been lecturing, performing and teaching youth for over 17 years in the school system and summer camps.

CL is destine to leave his mark on the entertainment industry for decades to come as a successful entertainer, entrepreneur and role-model. When asked what is in the future for CL, he replied “I want to rebuild Power Fam as a performance troupe of indie artists and musicians that are independent of each other but work together as a team to record, tour and support each other globally combining all the new technology without compromising great music and a dynamic live show that all our fans will enjoy”.