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Check out hot R&B laced with Hip-Hop and soul without the negative cloud that usually surrounds it. CL and the Power Fam are on the move for Global exposure.


CL is known as a man of many mind sets. With the central focus being music, he believes connection to all other sources of life is possible and necessary.

As an artist, CL has worn the hat of singer, musician, writer, engineer and producer. His current project is his solo e.p./album titled “Independently Thinking” and has a number of single releases coming out on numerous compilations nationally and internationally including Floss Magazines “Street Life” compilation due out May 2007, Westgrand Records “Music Heat Volume 2” compilation due out April 2007 and Water Musics' “Hip-Hop BEST OF Vo1. 1” compilation released in Asia under group Power Fam in June 2005. CL started his professional music career when he self-released his first professional recording of the United States national anthem under Power House Entertainment, LLC in November 2001. The song won an honorable mention with Billboard Magazine. In 2004, CL formed the Urban R&B/Hip-Hop group Power Fam. Power Fam went on to self-release two full length albums locally in stores and worldwide via the internet. Power Fam also released a single on a compilation in Asia with such artists such as Ice Cube, Eminem and Kelis. The compilation was very successful and is still on the market. Power Fam has played some very exciting and world known venues in New York such as the Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, The Knitting Factory and Kenny’s Castaways as well as venues and conferences thru-out the US including Emergenza, The NARM Convention and Cornucopia.

As a business man, CL is CEO and founder of Power House Entertainment, LLC, a New York based limited liability company formed in 1999. In 2004, CL saw all that PHE had to offer and sub-divided his company into a number of specialized components. Within the PHE walls are Artisown Records an independent record label, Instrumental People Publishing (BMI), Power Lab Studios & Productions and Power Group Entertainment & Management an event management company responsible of the creation and success of the Music Independence Summit Connection conference. CL belongs to a number of industry organizations including the National Association of Retail Merchandisers (NARM), Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) and the National Association of Recording Arts & Science (NARAS-Grammys) as well as served on the Grammy in Schools committee two years in a row.

Being a big advocate of education and youth, CL has been lecturing, performing and teaching youth for over 17 years in the school system and summer camps.

CL is destine to leave his mark on the entertainment industry for decades to come as a successful entertainer, entrepreneur and role-model. When asked what is in the future for CL, he replied “I want to rebuild Power Fam as a performance troupe of indie artists and musicians that are independent of each other but work together as a team to record, tour and support each other globally combining all the new technology without compromising great music and a dynamic live show that all our fans will enjoy”.



Written By: Jimmy CL Newson for Instrumental People Publishing (BMI)

You’re the most beautifulist thing, I’ve ever seen
Baby take my hand, your comin with me
Ah, ah, ha ah ha
Yeah, heh, heh, heh heh

Beautiful, that is what I see, but not only from the outside but the in you see
That is the scent that attracts me
Making you rare from the pack you see
B for bold, E’s for enchanting
A and U for all you, you got me
T for touch I is for incredible
F is for the flames that burn so high and always glow
U’s for you and me that’s unforgettable
And our life’s together so unforgettable
L is for the light you bring to me,
The beautiful one who makes my life so complete
I rush the nights along when I’m all alone, so the days will pass till you come back home
Safe in my arms so that I can breath, and I wait no more and you’re back with me


Beautiful, (What does that mean)
Can we all share a bit of that quality?
I’d go to the end of the earth you see
To keep that beat pumping in our hearts you see
Me for you and you for me, love is blind but love can see
You’re fooling you your fooling me, but I don’t mind I’m happily
Rollin down this road of love with my boo
5th gear, wind behind that’s what we do
Ride till the sun burns out and leaves night
65 days of love with no fights
But when we fight, it’s all right
And then we kiss, that’s all right
We make love, and that’s tight
Beautiful is what we got in our lives


Drank Her Life Away

Written By: Lyrics by: Jimmy “CL” Newson

Let me tell you bout a story of this girl I knew
She was kinda like someone that you would consider cool
Always in the light, so in demand
Always seemed on top, had so many friends
She was that girl everyone said would go real far
She had it all in life, a home a fancy car
But at the parties every night she was under the social eye
Her need and crave for one more drink was her demise

It was a bottle of Aliza’, at first she drank it socially
It just taste so heavenly, that she couldn’t stay away
But then her life began to turn, and for that glass of it she yearned
Then her soul began to sway, as she drank her life away

She denied there was a problem with her inside her mind
So when people tried to warn her, she’d pushed them aside
She lost her job and man, she was headed down skid row
Her health was bad, her mind and body was the next to go
She saw nothing but the wrongs signs and the bad side of life
Friends and family became the enemy so she put up a fight
She had tons of rage and hate built up inside
She felt she had only one choice so every night in bed she cried


She says the pressure is getting greater
The more she drinks it seems the more that people hate her
Blood pressures higher, health is fading
Everything about her life gets more degrading
She needs to know that help is out there
There are people in the world that really do care
Deep inside her, she thinks she’s all-alone
But she’s not all she needs to do is come home


Be Free

Written By: Lyrics by: Jimmy “CL” Newson, Rap by: Negash “Syze” Watts

She’s got two little children, they’re both by here side
She’s going somewhere, she’s tryin’ to hide
From that big mean old man that’s beatin’ her down
Slappin' her silly and bringing her hopes down
What’s the deal? This is the real deal
She feels she can’t talk about it with her family
Cause they don’t believe
That this mans beating on her and it’s to the first degree
What’s a woman to do, tryin' to get away?
Tryin' to be safe if only for one day
But she can’t, cause he’s taken everything she’s got
From her heart and her soul to the shirt on her back
OH NOW! He says she can’t do right
OH NOW! He’s choking on her every night
Now the whole going home thing has gotten her afraid
And she can’t muster up enough courage to say

You ain’t ever goin find no one like me
How could you treat me so nasty?
You beat me till I’m hurt lyin' on the floor
Now your never gonna hit me no more
I’m takin' the kids and I’m out the door
You will never see my face no more
And if you ever ever come near me
I’ll have you locked up so I can be free

Being free, that is what she wishes to be
But she needs some help from all of her family and friends
For the healing to begin
Then she can escape from the grasp of her psycho man
That’s the plan but you need evidence for the plan to stand
Do you hear me man?
Cuts and bruises aren’t enough, makes you say what the?
Man I’mma bout to just give up
He makes you think, that you can’t live outside his home
Says your nothing that you can’t make it on your own
But just believe and know that it’ll take some time
For you to grow a new life and you’ll be just fine
You have the right, to live your life free from fear
Take the kids and some clothes and just disappear
Domestic violence is that thing that you’re running from
And let God deal with him cause baby your time will come

It’s evident that this man wasn’t the man for you
Look how many times he’s done laid his damn hands on you
You fed the kids, bathe them, put them to bed
He came home late, food was cold, he went across your head
He said he loves you but look how he proves it
By comin’ home drunk and angry and starts to loose it
Blinded by love this relationships abusive
Can’t you see when things are wrong, it’s you he’s accusing
You meet with friends and fam, they see these bruises
They feel something’s wrong and they just tell you to move in
But you refuse them, and say we’ll work it out
That’s just givin’ him more time just to hurt you now
They tell you get the kids and gather your things
Leave him a Dear John letter and leave that damn ring
Cause if not, it’s gonna go further
You don’t want the kids to be a witness to a murder


Where Ya From Girl Feat. Bounce & Mia Maria

Written By: Jimmy CL Newson, Bounce

Where ya from girl (Uptown) and where ya goin’ (Downtown)
I need to know (What fo) because I’m askin’ (Fo Sho)
And where ya from (Uptown) and where ya goin’(Downtown)
Can I come with (Naw Boo) Or maybe I can talk to you (That’s cool)

Verse 1:
I was on the way to the crib one day, had a meetin with my peeps and it went ok
I got of the A train and saw her, shorty turned to me and I called her
Baby girl didn’t wanna tell me her name, but I threw her mine cause I had no shame
She was lookin like she had to go, I’m just gettin’ my foot thru the door
Hoops and hurdles the way she’s got me playin it,
the way she’s shootin at me she’s really slayin it
All I’m askin’s where ya at at where ya might be goin
Just keep the answer girl to that that’s all I need be knowin
Maybe later on girl I’ll ask ya other things,
how ya livin ya dreams you know them other things
If ya like what I’m about maybe you will find,
here’s a guy from the block to occupy ya time


Rap/Verse 2:
What the business is, Ma is you interested in Bounce,
Sophisticated Power Fam business man
I got plans to rule this world, but behind every man is a beautiful girl
I grew up in the gutter so I met a lot a trash and if you wanna know about my past girl ask
My charm is a magnet and chest is the ad
So girls wanna grab everytime they walk past
Enough about me you be on Lenux Ave.
And 1-2-0 sometimes 1-2-3

If ya going downtown take the 2 or the 3
And they’ll let you right off like 1,2,3
You focused on your career and I can tell by ya hair
Ya body is crazy baby but classy in ya wears
Just give me ya number ma my stop is right here
I’m a call ya at 8 ma just make sure ya be there

I need ya name and ya number baby girl and a little bit
Of that special kinda somthin that makes ya tick
I’ve been at if for a minute and I don’t wanna quit
Cause I feel I’m getting’ closer, we’re an ultimate fit
I can see it in ya eyes ya wanna quality man
A power brotha like no other to lead you girl by the hand
And I I’ll go where you go cause you got me magnetized

Chorus: Out

Will You

Written By: Jimmy CL Newson for Instrumental People Publishing (BMI)

Will you be my baby, will you be my girl, Will you be my wife baby, will you share my world Will you be my Stars, way up in the sky, will you be my lifeline or baby I could die,
Will you be my baby, will you be my girl, Will you be my wife baby will you share my world Will you be my sun, will you be my moon, Will you be my everything, cause baby we are cool

Verse 1:
I just want to know where you are going baby
It seems that we are on the same track don't it baby
Cause I want love, I want caring, I want life full of joy and sharing Simple things without the flash, lie free zone cause truth will last
I just want to give you things, not material things but mentally
Get on my cloud girl, we shall rise girl
Our story will be heard worldwide, a happier girl you will not find Thru-out the land or history, Oh girl come with me


Verse 2:
January, February, December baby, All these months are nothin if you're not here to share them With me girl, in an unfair world, I'll let you know, you rule my world
Give me but a moment to build on our foundation Adding to the joy of what we have, that's our reation
family ties, sweet lullabies, our growing love with clear blue skies I just want to show you things, both mentally and physically
Get in my ride girl, we shall ride girl
W e'lllive our live on high, there is no place will cannot find We control out destiny, It's all about you and me
You can check on me day and night, celly on my hip if ya feelin uptight
call me up girl and we'll get this thing right, get the private jet if we need ta take a flight there ain't a damn thang I wont do for you, you know I got cha back and I always come thru when ya feelin down, when ya feelin blue, Just a little memo from me to you

Chorus Out:

I Will Not Fight It

Written By: Jimmy CL Newson for Instrumental People Publishing (BMI)

Got me thinkin' bout you ooh baby love you girl
Got me thinkin' bout that body wanna touch it girl
Lookin' all exotic, Got me all excite
You can have it baby girl and I will not fight it
Verse 1:
If you've of told me I'd be feelin' this way I would'nt beleive it until my dyin' day
This girl has got me feel so crazy, she's changed me, can this be
I'm clockin' minutes till I see her again, my sexy baby gives me lots of lovin'
She's turnin out to be my very best friend, my life line till the end
When we're out on the town, she's great company
And makin' love to this girls got me singin like Barry
When other brothas try to spit that game, she lets urn know that the spots taken
I trust my baby till the very end, now they have been told, This is how we roll


Verse 2:
Ma'h I gotta ask ya one question, why do ya think I wanna show you so much affection it's ya swagga, it's ya ways, it's ya reflection, all that, that ya bring in my direction
got me like this girl is fine, got me like this girls a dime, rush this no I'll take my time
L.O.V.E’s for you and me, T.R.U.S.T’s the way to be
Together we make harmony, would not have it no differently
tell me

Goin' Out

Written By: Jimmy "CL" Newson

We goin' out to a party (There's always somewhere fly we can go)
We goin; out to a party (Maybe we cut it up, on the flo)
We goin' out to a party (or maybe take the bar, spend some dough)
We goin' out to a party ( Ya know, ya know, ya know, ya know)

Verse 1:
(What's that sound) It's grown people time, yo it's time to grind
(Put that drank) down or toss it back and hit the floor on time
(This beat is hot) girl its' droppin' now, this dj's puttin' it down
for us to do, what we do, come on girl it's me and you yeah
(We can get it started) Shawty up in here, let's get one thing clear
(We can get it poppin') all night long ya know yo we can close the show
If ya feelin' what I'm talkin' bout then float dem hands up high
It's our time, party time, we take's it there, all the time


Verse 2:
(Yo it's packed) I can't move an inch, people wall to wall
(It's been four) hours since we came and things ain't changed at all
(I've had a few) and feelin right, this club scenes really tight
But I need a change of pace, time to roll to a diffrent place
(Let's hit a house party) with free drinks and food, and people chill in the pool
(And get to know somebody) talk about this and that, find out where the next spots at
If ya feelin' what I'm talkin' bout then float dem hands up high
It's our time, party time, we take's it there, all the time


Bridge 2x's:
my clubbin people throw it up
house party people throw it up
block party people throw it up
If ya lookin for a party then throw it up

my clubbin people throw it up
house party people throw it up
block party people throw it up
If ya lookin for a party then throw it up


1. Power Fam R&B/Hip-Hop Compilation Album "Power Fam" Vol. 1
2. Power Fam R&B/Hip-Hop Compilation Album "Tear It Down" Vol. 2
3. Power Fam R&B/Hip-Hop Compilation Album "1 Life" Specialty Album

Set List

We have currently two sets available. A short set and a long set of all original music.

25 to 45 minutes set available.