I am Sandro Friedrich, a studio musician with over 100 different ethnic wind instruments such as duduk, fujara, didgeridoo or hotchiku. My references include CDs and recording sessions with Andreas Vollenweider, Steve McLaughlin, Michael Garvin, Wolfram de Marco, Enjott Schneider and many more.


My musical range varies from World to Pop/Rock, Techno and film music.

Please visit me at http://www.powerflute.ch

I'm interested in contacts with music producers, composers and film music composers.

What you want: Colorful ethnic and mainstream sounds, improvisations or compositions to enrich your CD- or film music production.

What I have: extensive studio experience, top references, own recording studio and free demo CD.

Sandro Friedrich started his education with early music. For over 20 years he has been working with instruments and music of many cultures. His skills have grown to include an astonishing spectrum of over 120 different wind instruments. His musical styles vary from world music, rock, folk, and pop, to techno/trance, from chill-out to film music. For over 10 years he performed with his own band ACANTO (3CD's, awards, concerts, festivals, radio and TV appearances). As a studio musician he has recorded with well-known Swiss musicians such as Andreas Vollenweider and Dodo Hug. A wide spectrum of studio jobs on over 20 international CD's, and recording sessions with Rue de Soleil (Café del Mar) and Uffe Savery from Safri Duo complete his studio experience. He also performs live in various bands and combinations, including Guiteros (Guitar by Thomi Diethelm) , Kate Northrop (Celtic harpist) and others. As musician and composer his strength lies in the originality of his melodic lines, the power of his rhythmic grooves and his ability to competently and flexibly support diverse musical atmospheres.


Party in Agraba

Written By: Sandro Friedrich

none; instrumental track


Productions which include my musical performances:

Ghent Film Festival: Shigeru Umebayashi (live performance as soloist with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra)

Andreas Vollenweider: Book of Roses (Colomba)
Andreas Vollenweider: AIR (Edel)
Andreas Vollenweider: Eolian Minstrel (Colomba /EMI)
The Drummer (Hong Kong 2007), Marcel Barsotti (Ethnoworld 4, Pope Joan)
Enjott Schneider: 11 Different Cinema & TV-Movie-Music projects including "Die Flucht", a total of over 30 movies and over 40 CD's contain my musical contributions.