Power Skeleton

Power Skeleton

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Chaotic beauty, throbbing rock, mind bending noise, blasting decibels and dripping love.


Psychedelic hobo death trance. Improv-based strangeness. Life is too short to play the same songs over and over again. POWER SKELETON NEVER PLAYS THE SAME SONG TWICE. Being "polished" or "tight" isn't our priority. We just want to disembowel the spirits on cable access while you listen to the glittering aural treasures we have lovingly provided for you. We also do film scores and will play just about anywhere for a fistfull of dollars. For a few dollars more we might even be NICE. But don't bet on it.


Power Skeleton Vols. I-IV, "Schism" soundtrack, Power Skeleton "26 Songs of the Natural World" sampler.