PowerSolo is bitter-sweet. Hard and tender. Hysterical and sympathetic. Aggressive, meditative. Sexy vitamin, vital protein. Bulldozer hydraulics, oral techniques. AfroJutlandicTexMex, love, charity, hate. Blues, soul, groovepunk, country, dj rockabill. Muslim, protestant and Rock n' Roll.


What do you think of when you hear the name "PowerSolo"? 'Round Denmark way, the moniker apparently conjures the trash-rock psychobilly legacy of Hasil Adkins, the Cramps, and Southern Culture on the Skids. PowerSolo may be a power trio, but in this case, the prog-metal acrobatics of Rush are replaced with something they call "donkey punk." Two tremolo-loving chicken-scratch rail-thin guitarists Kim Kix and the Atomic Child and drummer JC Benz playing his trade on just a snare, bass drum, and floor tom. It would've been well enough had Powersolo hailed from the Land of NASCAR, but the fact that this exercise in B-movie punk-a-billy is coming from Aarhus, Denmark, adds plenty of delicious cognitive dissonance.

Oh yeah! Now what?? Yep the Danish Leather Zombie cracksmokin’, heroin shootin’ combo PowerSolo is what everybody fears! Two unpredictable brothers with glue in the pocket and a pair of scissors in the lung... and what’s worse. Yes we’re talkin’ about the Atomic Child and Mr. Kim Kix. They’re skinnier than the skinniest motherfucker you ever saw, but they have more bone than the fattest motherfucker that ever fucked you!! The nerdy birdy drummer JC. Benz with the motto: “I love cheep”. Yes he is insane and he cuts his Samson wig twice a week just to keep him cool, calm and collected. YES! Mr. Kim Kix, The Atomic Child and JC Benz are the real deal, mothers!

PowerSolo was formed back in '96 by Kim 'Kix' Jeppesen, in Aarhus. A midsize city in Jutland, Denmark – the land of the great Vikings and Hamlet. With a beat-up guitar, homemade maracas, a comb, a drummachine, a "cigarette amplifier", a plastic microphone, a delay pedal and an old 4-track tape recorder by his side, he recorded more than 50 songs from '96-'98. With role models such as Hasil "Haze" Adkins, Johnny Cash, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Link Wray, The Meteors, The Cramps and Kim Kix's deep roots in rockabilly, he adapted the raw and simple expression. Rockabilly, country, blues and surf mixed with punkrock, were the power that should generate the one-man band...or was it?

In late '98 changes were due... PowerSolo moved on from performing at small happenings, buskin', and doin' "Crazy man show at your best buddies' drinkin' party". But in order to go beyond just charming women with severe drinking problems, it had to kick some serious ass! The call was easy. Bo 'Atomic Child' Jeppesen (Kim Kix's kid brother) stepped in as the drummer and new member of PowerSolo.

The hot summer of '02 brought changes yet again...PowerSolo wanted even more power! They needed a second guitarist and searched all over the world, but only Erihg Klabton was available!?! In lack of guitarmen, Atomic Child switched instrument --from drums to guitar--, and Jens ‘JC Benz' Soendergaard took over the barrels. With his big hair, long-time love for Slayer and experience from his other band 'The Broken Beats', JC Benz brought energy, power and new inspiration....

Towards the signing on Crunchy Frog Recordings in 2003, PowerSolo had been rockin' all over, performing with artists such as; Detroit legend André "Mr Rhythm" Williams, T-Model Ford, Bob Log III, The Hives, New Bomb Turks, Billy Childish and Junior Senior. In the spring of '02, they successfully toured France, Germany, Holland and Belgium, and furthermore performed at Roskilde Festival and Midtfyns Festival. Not even The US could avoid PowerSolo. In March '03, they performed at SXSW in Austin, TX resulting in great reviews. Local newspaper Austin360 wrote: "probably the best country-porn act at SXSW".

On March 8th 2004 PowerSolo released their second album entitled "It’s Raceday…And Your Pussy is GUT!!” on Crunchy Frog in Denmark. The album, guest staring legendary André Williams, was followed by massive touring in Scandinavia together with Bob Log III. At the highly acclaimed SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, PowerSolo gave a killer concert and afterwards the band was rated “Best Act” by the entire French media delegation – in front of the 92 other bands on the bill..

Through out June ’04 PowerSolo played in 19 German cities convincing an ever-growing crowd of their irresistible rock’n’roll. While conquering Germany, first single of the album; “Juanito”, made it as that year's psychedelic summer hit on Danish National Radio getting maximum airplay. France also got it’s share of PowerSolo, as they performed at Transmusicales which brought them back for a tour in April and October 2005, promoting the release of “It’s Raceday…” throughout France.

In 2005, PowerSolo performed at SxSW and CMJ Music Marathon, New York, where legendary Jon Spencer got a first hand experience of PowerSolo, resulting in a support tour for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in Scandinavia and Great Britain. PowerSolo and Jon Spencer also became label mates as Crunchy Frog, signed the rockabilly duo Heavy Trash, which consists of Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray of Speedball Baby. Kim Kix and J


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Videostreams: Plasma Crystal Dope, Knucklehead, Mr. Suit, Juanito, Oak Tree Girl, Kat Nazer and Mean Ol' Cat, Knucklehead and Plasma Crystal Dope.

Set List

Somewhere near 16-20 songs - all original PowerSolo from early days up till now. Once in a while, we may play songs we never heard before.
One hour and fifteen min. b