Power Source

Power Source


Power Source is a hard hitting in your face Rock n Roll sound comparable to Bon Jovi, Journey and Third Day. With a Christian message of faith, hope and love through Christ Jesus. All presented in such a way that all who hear will demand to hear again and again.


Power Source is a Christian Rock and Roll Band comprised of four very powerful musicians. Each one is committed to serving the Lord by ministering through their music. Driven by this desire, Power Source triumphantly presents the power of Christ love through very hard driving songs and heartfelt lyrics.
Each member brings into the group their very own talent and influences. Guitarist, Mike Sparks, brings hard driving sounds of groups such as Journey, Van Halen, Foreigner and other popular bands to the group with his own twist. Drummer, Dave Galbert, brings years of experience in his fast, accurate and creative drumming style. Bass Player, John Flaugher, plays some of the meanest bass around. His many influences of 70's, 80's and 90's music shows in his own unique playing ability. Guitarist, Carl Reynolds, is solid in his powerful rhythm sounds.
The band's show speaks for itself! It is an energy packed, powerful and demanding blend of rich heavy guitar, powerful pounding drums and melodic voices sure to blow your mind. Having headlined themselves and opening for such groups as Blissed. They are sure to have fans coming back for more.


"Plugged IN" songs that have aired. Ask, Seek, Knock and I believe in you.

Set List

Typical set list includes: Your Mercy, A.S.K., I Believe In You, Light Breaks Through, Jesus I'm in Awe of You, Talk to Me, Shine On Me, Melody, The Way, Hold On To The Truth. Complete sets usually run 90 min - 105 min.