Los Angeles, California, USA

female fronted, guitar-driven, power trio, heavy metal band


PowerTribe Band Members:

☆ Darren Stroud - ALL GUITARS ☆☆☆ 

☆ Missy Percifield - VOCALS, BASS, Keyboards ☆☆☆

☆ John Chominsky - DRUMS ☆☆☆

Hometown: Los Angeles; and Colorado

PowerTribe is a female fronted, guitar-driven, power trio, heavy metal band.

Current News: CD Release "Prepare for Battle" in 2018 (September 14th, Friday)

Current Biography: Fronted by the wild-child operatic vocals of Missy Percifield, and echoed by the virtuosic guitar work of Darren Stroud while being driven by the spirited complex drumming of John Chomisky, this three-piece ensemble generates electricity any time on any stage. 

Missy Percifield, the once-child prodigy, gave up the stringent boundaries of classical ponds for the waves of rock ‘n’ roll of Los Angeles. She exported Darren Stroud out of Indiana when she heard his solo talents on guitar, and began writing their catalog. This band came together when John Chominsky was added to the mix. The three became the power trio known as “PowerTribe”. 

Backed by a huge catalog (of guitar instrumental originals, vocal originals, and a few personalized covers) and taking the more artistic road with good songs, chemistry, and higher level music prowess, PowerTribe delivers a warrior-like approach with lyrics that are well-crafted — driven by social landscapes or human interest. 

Missy’s vocal style has been compared to the likeness of Kate Bush in approach and Nancy Wilson in vibe; Darren’s guitar work to that of Randy Rhoads in technique and Joe Satriani in vibe; and John’s drumming style has been compared to Mike Portnoy with his rock-solid feel. 

PowerTribe has been described by those that have witnessed a show as “... a more-diverse female RUSH mixed with Satriani and a hint of a more melodic Arch Enemy ...” all rolled into one. These skilled musicians are vigilant artists, convicted to the music, purposeful and concise in their progress and dedicated to creating good, accessible music in this slipstream of rock. 

Influences: DARREN'S INFLUENCES: Michael Schenker ; Randy Rhoads ; Joe Satriani ; Steve Vai ; Yngwie Malmsteen ; Eric Johnson ; Brad Paisley ; Albert King ; Grant Green ... MISSY'S INFLUENCES: Beethoven ... JOHN'S INFLUENCES: Neil Peart ; Mike Portnoy ; Gavin Harrison ; Greg Bissonette ; Scott Rockenfield 

Historical Biography: PowerTribe is an American heavy metal band. They originally formed in Los Angeles, California in 2015 and was primarily known as a Progressive Instrumental Rock Guitar Band ... focusing on the guitar work of Darren Stroud. 

By late 2017, the guitar-centric focus switched to a newer creative writing process, featuring the vocals of Missy Percifield. The band is now known as a female fronted, guitar-driven, heavy metal band. The power trio consists of John Chominsky on drums, Darren on guitar, and Missy on bass and vocals. 

Their debut release “Prepare for Battle” will be available everywhere. PowerTribe melds the aesthetics of heavy metal and American hard rock with lyrical topics on the apocalyptic Last Days and expanding into philosophical and social commentary. 


☆ Missy Percifield - Guest Vocalist for Iced Earth "Phantom Opera Ghost" as Christine 

☆ [ Polynesian Aphrodisiac ] selected song winner for Indie Band Search Contest|New York

☆ [ Forward My Mail ] selected song winner for Position Soundtrack Studios|Los Angeles

☆ [ Can't Explain ] selected finalist under Top 50 Best Rock Songs out of 13,000 entries for John Lennon Songwriting Contest

☆ Semi-finalist in Independent Music Series Contest

☆ Top 10 Choice CD Picks - by NUVO

☆ Invited by NY and LA Management companies for showcases and indie deals

☆ Song selected by Onstage Magazine and placed on Interactive CDROM (25,000 copies distributed)

☆ [ Apologies ] no.1 Artist and featured on MP3TV.com (#1 for 3 weeks, featured one month)

☆ Finalist in Midwest Music Big Deal Contest

☆ Featured on Steve Madden's site with interview, cool pics, and big shoes (Steve Madden designed shoes for artists such as Tori Amos and movies such as "Josie & the Pussycats")

☆ Specialty spins at various college stations

☆ features in various National Magazines (available upon request)

☆ shared stages with semi-national to national acts - Doyle (of misfits), John5, Uli Jon Roth (scorpions), Lynch Mob, Geoff Tate (queensryche) to name a few ... and the list continues to grow.


Forward My Mail - Single - position soundtrack
FreaknMissy - EP - Echosonic - iTunes, XM

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