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This band has not uploaded any videos




"...we've listened to your album on bandcamp.com and you guys kick-ass. Please send us a link to one (or some) of the tracks you've released and we'll add it/them to our playlist.

With awesomeness..."

"It's a very catchy, hooky, album, and I had a great time listening....very well done!"

"Tune in to hear an up and coming band, Poweys, I just reviewed some of the songs they so kindly sent me for your eargasmic pleasure and BOY the friggin know how to rock it. They will MOST definitely be in the regular library of my playlist."

"Awesome stuff! Really enjoyed it!"
-Elsalvador1990 from lastfm

"Some nice music there guys. I like it :)"
-ana3mic from lastfm

"Wow, thanks guys! =D Yeah, I've been sharing the music with a lot of people, and gotten nothing but positive stuff for you guys. Gonna keep spreading stuff around, because it's too good not to! "
-zgibson97 from pandora.com - Altrockisdead.com, musicyoudonthave.com, thequake.biz, fans

"The LEMUR + Poweys ="

I don’t know what it equals but maybe that’s the point. These guys are nobodys soon to be somebodys. Their name is “Poweys”. Not “The Poweys”, just fucking “POWEYS”. Their album is called ‘eremitic’ and I’m listening to it through for the second time in a row right now. These guys kick ass and I strongly advise that you support these guys... - lemur radio


eremitic 2012



Composing a song can often involve the same process as writing a book that connects to an audience, so it is no surprise that Greg Schulte, hailing from Los Angeles, chose the band name Poweys after reading numerous books from his favorite author, John Cowper Powys. Poweys consists of guitar/vocalist Greg Schulte and drummer Abel Solorzano. They formed in April 2012 as a punk rock band and are similar to bands like Weezer, Green Day, the Beatles, and Nirvana. Poweys released their debut album, "eremitic" in June of 2012. "Midnight Slave," "Here we stand," and "In the sun" are just a few examples of the high octane and melodic vibe that Poweys creates with their 13 song album.

In addition to working on increasing their fan base and selling their album successfully, Poweys is ready to hit the road and tour as well. They aim high and want to reach an audience of 1-billion-plus through their music....and with the global reach of the music industry today, Poweys realizes that this goal isn't unrealistic at all. Above and beyond everything else, Poweys wants to encourage other artists to continue making real music that can be appreciated instead of the quick dollar music that is heard today and forgotton tomorrow. Music is not a hobby to Poweys but a sense of existence that they want to spread to the rest of the world. Greg Schulte, main songwriter for the band, had the opportunity to work with classical composer Mark Vance for nearly two years and allowed him to develop as a versatile musician. Poweys may expand the band beyond two members in the future, but for the time being, Greg and Abel have been able to get a lot accomplished as a dynamic duo. For the latest news and updates regarding Poweys, visit http://www.poweys.com