Pow Wow Comedy Jam

Pow Wow Comedy Jam

 Hollywood, California, USA

Named 2010 National Indian Gaming Association's Entertainers of the Year, Pow Wow Comedy Jam delivers all out laughs Indian style. All three members of Pow Wow Comedy Jam appeared on the historic Showtime special, Goin Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam." This show is clean and hilarious!


As seen on the historic Showtime special, Goin' Native, Pow Wow Comedy Jam is one of the fastest rising tours on the comedy circuit today. Tom Homen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune raves Pow Wow Comedy Jam "... tore the house down -- with people banging on tables and crying with laughter. Personally, my face hurt (from laughing)." Pow Wow Comedy Jam showcases three of the best and brightest Native American comedians, delivering a trail of laughs across the land. Since coming together as a group in 2005, Pow Wow Comedy Jam has unleashed a buzz in Indian Country as well as the mainstream comedy scene with a string of high energy shows at venues including the Las Vegas Hilton, the Sacramento Convention Center, the Hollywood Improv, The University of Wisconsin and Isleta Casino, in Albuquerque.

Having been recently awarded the North American Indigenous Image Awards (NAIIA) Comedy Performers of the Year, Pow Wow ComedyJam continues to gain popularity and are recognition for their outstanding comedy.

A perfect blend of comedy styles, Pow Wow Comedy Jam is a great fit for casino shows, tribal events and VIP Player partys.

Pow Wow Comedy Jam features Marc Yaffee (Aztec/Navajo), Howie Miller (Cree) and Vaughn Eaglebear (Colville/Lakota).

Adopted at birth and confused ever since, Marc takes audiences on his hilarious journey of discovery as he stumbles onto his Native American roots. Marc wrings out the laughs as pokes fun at the seemingly endless contradictions in his life. The result is original comedy that people from all walks of life can relate to. The co-founder of Pow Wow Comedy Jam, Marc has entertained audiences on three continents, including U.S. Troops in the Persian Gulf, Germany, Korea and Japan. At home, Marc has played clubs and colleges in 26 states. His TV credits include "Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed" and SiTV's "Funny is Funny."

"I'm a Mexican Irish Navajo, Mexi-jo. My ancestors exploited my own ancestors. I feel guilty and oppressed."

"A lady asked me after a show, "Is it true you Navajos in your travels, you're guided by outer voices?" I'm like, "Yeah, it's called an Onstar Navigation System."

Nicknamed "The Frybread Assasin," Vaughn scores a comedy bullseye with his original brand of one-liner comedy. With an unconventional style and thought-provoking material, Vaughn is like an amusement park ride for the brain. When this ride is over, audiences will have a severe dose of comedy whiplash. An accomplished Pow Wow drummer and emcee, the multi-talented Eaglebear also wrote the song "John Wayne's Teeth" for the movie "Smoke Signals."

"The Cleveland Indians are going to change their name. They don't want to be known as a team that perpetuates racial stereotypes. From now on they're just going to be called the Indians."

"April showers bring May flowers and Mayflowers bring pilgrims.

Howie Miller is recognized as one of Canadas top comedians. Hailing from the Cree Nation, Howie has performed at the top Canadian comedy festivals, including the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Halifax Comedy Festival and the prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Howies outstanding comedy skills and impressions also landed him a role on the Canadian hit sketch comedy show, Caution May Contain Nuts, where he also serves as one of the writers. Howies TV credits also include Comedy Now Presents: Howie Miller, as well as Showtimes Goin Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam.

Survivor, I cant stand that show. No IndiansIts probably a good idea, because theyre not gonna vote me off the island. Theyre just gonna vote me to the crappy part of the island and leave me there for 200 years.


PHASE 3 "Live at Couer D'Alene Casino ....

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Set List

Together all 3 Comedians perform a combined 90 Minute show or can tailor their sets for a shorter time period.

60 minute sets are quite commonly performed.