Poz and InfeKt

Poz and InfeKt

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The sexiest fake rap duo this side of the universe! Ready to take any stage, parking lot, hotel room, birthday party, bar mitzvah, rooftop or basement by storm! This duo is ready to bring sexy back in a whole new way!


Poz and InfeKt are a comedy hip-hop/electro duo from Las Vegas, NV and have quickly been making a name for themselves throughout the valley with their silly and spontaneous stage shows and hilarious viral videos.  Poz and InfeKt have recently released their debut LP, No Coattails to Ride, with producer Kelly "Carnage" Cairns (As I Lay Dying, A Kiss Could Be Deadly and Molotov Solution) on B.O.A.T.S. Records and Productions.

Coming together in the Winter of 2006/2007 by their natural love of Montell Jordan, Vanilla Ice, pizza and 2Pac, they quickly began writing what would become their first mix tape including songs such as "Broke Yet Crunk" and "Pool Party". Shooting a video for "Broke Yet Crunk" gave the comedic duo the extra spark they needed and word of mouth quickly began to spread like wildfire. Since the release of "Broke Yet Crunk" the duo has managed to release multiple skits and online short films as well as music videos for "Pool Party", "One Night Stand" and "(Party) After Party" with new media being posted frequently.

Poz and InfeKt performed their first live show at The One Place on Cinco de Mayo in 2007 headlining over Utah's The Victim Effect. Complete with props, silly string and a backing group consisting of cardboard cutouts, the crowd couldn't help but sing along and get involved with their funny rhymes and infectious choruses. The shows continued and the crowds grew more interested in what Poz and InfeKt will do at their next performance. With a barrage of shows slated for 2013, Poz and InfeKt show no signs of slowing their pace anytime soon.


One Night Stand EP (2011)
No Coattails To Ride (2011)
No Coattails To Ride DELUXE EDITION (2012)

Set List

30-45 minute set time including 8-10 songs of pure electric sex