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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | SELF

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | SELF
Band Alternative Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Pozvakowski - Microtron"

The third album from Hungarian experimental band Pozvakowski isn't surprising if you've had the chance to listen to their previous works (if you haven't, they both are available for download at their website). However, it is an achievement. The concept behind this band since their 2002 debut, Sinus, has been, "Music becomes noise, noise turns into music." Their new opus, Microtron, takes this simple statement and turns it into an art form, following the footsteps of bands like 65daysofstatic.

The comparison between Pozvakowski and 65dos is a hard one to avoid; although what may be influences, or simply the same approach to creating music, is obvious, the result is fairly different. Pozvakowski relies on jazzy influences to balance their glitchy, experimental sound with a subtle taste. Indeed, from moody to heavy, from melody to mayhem, the word that sticks to the mind upon listening to Microtron is "balance."

The album opens with a whistling sound that gets louder and louder, in the tradition of this branch of experimental music. Then enters the rhythm section, with a groovy bass line and a very definite drum sound. The drum lines on this album made quite a good impression on me; one could say they're complex without being complicated. They perfectly blend with the music, and very efficiently at that. The guitar then joins them, and very soon, the first heavy riffing of the album sets the tone. Samples kick in next, drown under the thick guitar sound. "Jasa" is the perfect opening track to this record, giving the listener an accurate taste of what's to come.

The following track, "Tjn," is a great introduction to the unstructured, noisy sound Pozvakowski injects sporadically into their music. The breaking points between pure calm, melody, and effusions of hard sound effects and progressive structures are always extremely sharp, and often unexpected. Once again, the sampling work is very cohesive, integrated into the music instead of just working above it. The third track, "Tester," is probably the most accessible song on the album. It is a very mellow track that uses some beautiful reverb effects on the guitar, which easily finds its place in the realm of guitar-driven post-rock.

"Track7" is the moody side of Pozvakowski at its best. It lets their jazzy influences burst to the surface through the grimy bass line and always efficient drum work, mixed with glitchy soundscapes that flow easily in the eardrums. Even the long, ambient interlude in the middle of the song is filled with enough emotion to make it sound right at home. Meanwhile, "Bifocal" might be the most interesting piece of music to be found on the record. Swinging violently between calm, atmospheric lines and brutal, choatic sections, it eventually falls into exciting heavy riffing that ends the track flawlessly.

In the closing piece of the album, "Slalom," Pozvakowski give the listener a perfect summation of their music. It begins very emotionally, almost reminiscent of Come On Die Young-era Mogwai, and breaks into a patchwork of their glitchy, distorted sounds, almost confusing the unsuspecting listener, whose only way to keep track of any form of rhythm is to follow the beautifully crafted drum line.

While it might not be the album of the year, Microtron is nonetheless a very satisfying listen and those who take interest and bound to find a good mix of music and perhaps some will discover some hidden gems. The progression of Pozvakowski's sound over the years should put them on the map,and take them out of the "underrated" pool of artists they are unjustly in for now.

-Samy Bennaoui - The Silent Ballet

"Musical surprises Film Festival in Balchik"

Man, going to the Film Festival, at least expect to find a band that it pleasantly surprised. Or did not observe an ambitious music scene, which, instead of addition becomes the focus of an event. This was the case in Balchik, where from 19 to 26 June was held the eighth edition of the Short Film Festival, known as "The Palace".
For the second consecutive year the organizers successfully mix the two arts - all-day screenings that are taking place in the library of maritime town in the evening of one hammer scene near Bulgarian and foreign bands. Before the audience quite loose, but from the heart.

My personal discovery was a Hungarian band with the strange name Pozvakowski. They take the stage accompanied by the eight guns, which emit the background black and white footage of old Hungarian films and documentaries. Adam Darwish, the engine of the group, humbly playing the guitar without looking at the audience, the music fills the space, while visual effects make you think you tell a story. Which is not so. "We never like to have a singer, because that means you have to write texts - says Adam. - We have no message. Let everyone find their history while watching the staff to rotate the screen. "

Pozvakowski seems to be a standard example of a group that gathers friends from university 10 years ago. "I just decided that I need a band - Adam frank. - Honestly, I wanted to be a star. "What does a Polish Hungarian band name? Nothing. Adam explains that had been inspired by his favorite film of Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski, and on behalf of the old military cemetery in Warsaw Povonzkovski. The name of the band is a strange compilation, without a clear sense. It is absent from attempts to define music Pozvakowski, which seems to be an ongoing experiment with rock instruments "as is Adam. It has the ability to surprise and simultaneously stimulates a dramatic mood swings that brings. Sometimes melancholy, sometimes as a kick in the head. Stirs the imagination and though they lead in a strange land where beauty is an integral part of the unpredictable dangers lurking around. Sound Surrealism.

So far the band has three albums and a seven-inch vinyl, released in February. In September they hope to release his fourth tray. Here Adam mentions that he does not care if their audience consists of 10 men, he concentrated only on what to flirt with his guitar on stage.
- Rolling Stone (Bulgaria)


PRKY.ZX00 7" 2009 (limited edition vinyl)
ZX.TK EP 2010 CD

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Feeling a bit camera shy


The first CD of the band entitled Sinus came out in 2002. It was recorded in Studio 8 of the Hungarian Radio. The material served promotional purposes. It did not meet a very widespread reception, nevertheless the band got a chance to introduce the CD on a club tour, performing in Germany, in the Netherlands and in Belgium. In 2004, with the new CD entitled Transistor, they have established a style which was next to impossible to find in Hungary back then. It’s called experimental rock. Besides important Hungarian club concerts and festivals, they went on a tour with the Transistor CD to Russia, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Italy, Romania. The strength of the band is their stage presence. Their concerts sound with elemental strength, showing the extremes of moods. The unique visual show makes it even more effective. SzerediCs uses solely analog projectors. The pictural world is made of archive documentary and his own material. During these years they played with outstanding underground artists such as Mono, Guapo, or the Living Jarboe. They did concerts with the famous Hungarian virtuoso saxophone player, István Grencsó. The result of their cooperation was a documentary on István Grencsó, in which Pozvakowski got its own chapter. The documentary was played with great success on Duna TV. In the autumn of 2007, their third CD, Microtron came out. It was very well received by the critics and the audience as well. Pozvakowski was nominated for „Hangsúly Metal Award 2007” in 2 categories (the live performance of the year and the album of the year). The material follows the way they have started. The extremes of moods open the musical spectrum even wider. The sound of the CD is clearer and the music structures are more conscious in the style that cannot be mixed up with anything else. The new CD was also introduced on a European tour in German, Dutch, Slovenian and Italian clubs. Since spring 2008 the band's tour continues. They show up several times in Serbia and also play in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. At the end of the year they accompany the top dogs of the American post-rock scene during their concerts: Pelican, Torche and Caspian. In 2009 besides the band's Hungarian concerts they also play in Slovenia, Austria, and the Czech Republic. In February 2010 they have released an unlimited 7" vinyl which is the harbinger of their forthcoming new LP. It’s going to be release in September.