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Pozzie Mazerati

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Hip Hop R&B




"Pozzie on set for pilot of "Preachers Wives" Pilot"

Pozzie recently shot the pilot for the Comedy Network show "Preachers Wives" working alongside LA Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan. - The Comedy Shaq Network

"Monie Love Cosigns for Pozzie Mazerati"

Female Hip Hop Pioneer Monie Love recently tweeted Pozzie saying:
"Listening to @PozzieMazerati right now #PleasurableListening against the grain artist" - Monie Love Twitter

"Additional Press"

Check out press on Pozzie Mazerati as she heads to the top. - Pozzie Music

"#DoWhatYouDesire Presents: Pozzie Mazerati"

Amerikas Addiction Features Pozzie Mazerati - Amerikas Addiction

"Music Connectz Magazine Features Pozzie Mazerati on Cover"

Pozzie Mazerati is featured on the Cover of Music Connectz Magazine. - Music Connectz Magazine

"Indie Love: Pozzie Mazerati- Get Back"

Pozzie Mazerati currently resides in Van Nuys, CA and is originally from Philadelphia, PA. I was sent this video by my boy @Coli_Cole a little while ago and decided to post it up for Womans Wednesday today. Actress,Rapper and Fashion designer it looks like Pozzie has her plate full! Check out her fashion line. - Bad Perm

"Certified Banga"


"New Music: Pozzie Mazerati"

Just like the Fresh Prince, Pozzie hails from West Philly but she can be found in LA doing her music thing. - 99 Problems

"Pozzie "Get Back" Single Makes R Hustle Media"

R Hustle embraces the new sound coming from Pozzie Mazerati onto the music scene. - R Hustle

"Pozzie "Get Back" Single Makes Kevin Knottingham"

As the momentum grows for the release of Pozzie's debut album RED ARROW, she had the privilege of having a single review from some of the Internets hottest blogs. - Kevin Knottingham

"Pozzie Mazerati Interview with Rapsoulution"

"Pozzie you wear many hats, from MC to dancer,Fashion Designer to Actress. "
- Anna, Rap Soulution Magazine (Issue 23) (Sep 16, 2010) - Rapsoulution

"Pozzie Mazerati Article/Feature (Issue #2)"

"You are what we call a 'five-point star', being that you have so many talents"
Rahim- Swag Magazine

- Swag Magazine

"Artist Up Next (Featured "Wanna Be Famous" track)"

"I can't believe fashion was her first love" - Yahdigg.com

"Artist Review"

Now, SWAG is not the average magazine, not by any stretch of
the imagination. Our readers have come to expect excellent
talent coverage, previews of the hottest unsigned artists, and
advance notice of where this talent can be seen. This is not a
reputation that we at SWAG take lightly. That’s why we want to
introduce our readers to Miss Pozzie Mazerati, a Philadelphiaborn
powerhouse performer with an L.A. twist. If you are sitting
there trippin’ from the name, wait until you hear the sound. She
leaps over a slammin’ track, as if it were a hurdle. But just when
you thought to yourself, “another singer/rapper”, she morphs onto
the stage as an actress. Hold it, I mean, a fashion designer with
her own clothing line. Wait, I think I see her break-dancing?
Yeah, yeah, I know. Now, I’ll let YOU know. Pozzie is a multitalented
rapper,singer, songwriter, arranger,dancer, breaker,
fashion designer, and actress. I recently had the opportunity to
interview Pozzie for SWAG, and it was indeed a pleasure. We’ll
get started, so you can see what Miss Pozzie Mazerati is bringin’.
Rahim: Pozzie, fifirst let me say thank you for interviewing with
Pozzie: Thank you for giving me the time.
Rahim: First, explain your Philly connection, and how you
ended up in L.A.
Pozzie: I’m born and raised in West Philly, I lived most of my
life between there and West Oak Lane. Then, I moved out to
L.A. to go to school. After that, I moved to Brooklyn, New York
for a while, and now I’m back in L.A.
Rahim: You are what we call a ‘fifive-point star’, being that you
have so many talents. Which of your many points are you the
most partial to?
Pozzie: Well, my heart and soul is in my music, even though I
started out in fashion fifirst. I tell people all the time that fashion
was my fifirst love, but music turned me out. I say that since I fifirst
got my foundation in fashion. I did start off in a music group as a
child, but that didn’t last. Then I started to get more into fashion,
being raised by my grandmother, as she was a seamstress. Both
of my grandmothers, Mom Mom and Dutchie, grew up as fashion
seamstresses. That inflfluenced me to want to be a fashion
designer, so from there I went on to start my own clothing line.
Rahim: What is the name of your clothing line?
Pozzie: I have three lines. Rosalind Gene Collection is my
haute couture line, my urban line is called Beats and Bras, and
my men’s line is called Rebel.
Rahim: What made you get back into music?
Pozzie: I moved back into music after I participated in Mercedes
Benz Fashion Week. I felt like I accomplished a lot, but still
seemed unfulfifilled. So I turned back to my music, and it felt as if
I found the missing piece of the puzzle to my complete self.
Right now, it’s music that does it for me. However, I’ll always
have a love for fashion and acting, because together, they make me complete.
Rahim: Who are some of the producers you work with to develop
your sound?
Pozzie: I have to give the biggest shout-out to Teqneeq. He’s from
New York, but lives out here in L.A now. He was one of the fifirst
producers I started working with, from New York. He produced
some of my fifirst tracks, when I started rappin’. Then, I gotta thank
DrumCrazie. He produced most of my CD. I also have to give it up
for Fiya and Lexx of Sinister Sounds, BK Whoz, Sincere King, Dae
One, Jae Monee, Skills Beatz, Sayyy Bruh, and The Faders. They
all inflfluence my sound.
Rahim: Well, who inspires you to write?
Pozzie: Who? Life. I would have to say life, going through
changes, maturing and fifinding something therapeutic to keep me out
of trouble. Music has always been something that I felt would be
mine, like no one can take it from me. A person could go through
heartbreak, or losing family and friends to things like death or jail,
but music is in me, so it never leaves. So it’s really like it’s my love,
my savior, and my sanctuary.
Rahim: Are your lyrics from your personal experience? What
makes you decide to write about a particular theme?
Pozzie: I write about how I feel, maybe things that have happened
to me in life, or things people go through and things people can
relate to. Then again, I also write party songs, because I like to have
a good time with it too.
Rahim: Is there any one person that is like your main support
Pozzie: My grandmother, Mom Mom, who raised me. She’s like
the grandmom in the movie Soul Food. She is truly amazing, like
she is the best grandmom in the world.
Rahim: Since you rap, give me your favorite three rappers.
Pozzie: Nas - I love his lyrical content. Every time I hear one of his
songs, I have to listen to it over and over, until I know all of the
words. He makes me connect with him when I know all the words.
Then there’s Lauren Hill - the name itself, I don’t feel like I need to
say anything else, because she’s dope, she’s so soulful. I wish she
was still out. Hopefully, she will make a c - Swag Magazine Online

"New Artist Spotlight "Pozzie Mazerati""

Refreshing was my thought after listening to Dear Listener, the debut single from Philly’s Own Pozzie Mazerati, and refreshing was my thought after our 45 minute telephone interview.

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Fashion Designer, and Actress, this young lady does it all: “I want to be the best at everything that I do,”Pozzie stated enthusiastically. She is our featured artist in this month’s Hometown Spotlight.

Pozzie Mazerati, born Rosalind Lott, began her journey in the fashion industry. Raised by her grandmother who was a seamstress, Pozzie would be taken on trips to New York with her grandmother for fabric and other materials, and this, she stated, is where her flare for fashion blossomed. With that foundation intact, she graduated high school (two years early) and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from AIU in Los Angeles, CA. Her clothing line, RosalindGeNe, has been featured in several fashion shows with the latest being the Mercedes Benz Fashion week.

Pozzie’s fashion-sense led to work as a costume designer on the set of a few films. Working on these films created acting opportunities and eventually her first lead role as mean high school student, Morgan, in director Brandon Hammond’s (Soul Food) Out of Order acting alongside Denzel Whitaker (The Great Debaters). Additional film roles to her credit include Abay Vs. Vegas, Chicago 8, Crossed the Line, Stars N Stripes, Darkside of No Where, and Go For it.

She’s written advertising jingles and done the voiceovers for Red Bull and McDonald’s. She has been in music videos and television commercials. She’s written songs and rap lyrics for artists she would not name but I’m sure once you’ve sampled her music you’ll pick up her vibe in the songs/raps that she’s ghostwritten and figure it out for yourselves. And she’s just getting started!

Pozzie told me that, although her career began with fashion, the music that is her life has recently taken a front seat to her many ventures. Dear Listener has a hot beat where she displays wordplay that makes you want to run it back like, “hold up what did she say?” She starts the track by reppin’ where she’s from “…. West Philly, The Bottom…” Pozzie was born in West Philadelphia but spent most of her formative years in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia. She reminisced about growing up in the city, hanging out with her closest cousin, Joslyn, and her best friend, TJ (“He is my bestie for life!”), riding bikes, playing sports and being mischievous as children sometimes do. “There’s something about growing up in Philly…” Pozzie says. And that something that is ingrained in her, she has poured into her music. Her Mixtape is due to drop this fall.

Currently, she’s still recording wanting to have more than enough quality material for her listeners. She gives a shout out to DJ Big Juice, one of the first DJs to play her music on UEG Radio. Pozzie shouts out producers she’s working with: Sincere King, Drum Crazy (from West Philly), Day One (west coast producer), Skillz (UK producer and she’s looking forward to working w/ artist Maverick also from the UK), Sayyy Bruh, Jay Money, and many more. She humbly adds if any were forgotten blame her head and not her heart.

Heart is what this Philly Native has a lot of – leaving the comfort of her east coast home, her family and friends to pursue, not just one goal, but several goals thousands of miles away in Los Angeles. (She even had to leave her cat, Rockstar, because her condo doesn’t allow pets!) Leaving was no easy feat, I’m sure, but through all of this she appears lighthearted, free, and witty, yet focused. She gives advice to anyone in pursuit of their dreams in three simple words: NEVER GIVE UP! Be humble, go hard, she says.

What does she have coming up? Well, I mentioned her Mixtape dropping this fall. She begins a five city tour in California this month (September), and she may be returning to Philly in October to shoot her video. And who knows, she may want to stop through Blastformetv.net’s Fashion Show while she’s visiting in October….

B4MTV: First question, where did your name, Pozzie Mazerati, come from?

PM: My aunt, Um, used to call me Rozzie Pozzie when I was younger. Eventually, Rozzie was dropped and my family would call me Pozzie and the nickname just stuck. Mazerati came from a rapper I was in the studio with one day who started calling me Pozzie Mazerati and everyone started calling me that. Maserati also happens to be my favorite car… Imma get one someday (it would be nice if they- Maserati- sponsored me.)

B4MTV: Ok, here are some left-field questions… name the top three things on your bucketlist?

PM: I want to see the pyramids in Egypt, I want to visit Africa. I want to find true love like Johnny Cash and his wife (you know they died like a week apart?) I just want to learn as much as possible, I’m thirsty for knowledge and success and family - Blast For Me TV


Still working on that hot first release.



“Who is Miss Hip Hop aka Pozzie Mazerati?

How many people have dreamed of starring in a film wearing clothes from their own clothing line, while performing the latest song from their album? Pozzie has fulfilled that dream and is still reaching for the stars to achieve more.
She is a combination of artistic, visual, and cultural expression, made in the 80’s; raised in the 90’s; Currently in the making.

Born Rosalind Lott in Philadelphia PA, Rosalind received the nick name “Pozzie” from family. It was a childhood nickname that just stuck.

Pozzie made one of her first stage appearances at the BET Awards After Party in 2008 alongside artist Tash (of the Alkaholiks), and her former camp ‘Black Brown’.
Just recently Pozzie has embarked on a 5 City Tour which includes New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lancaster and her hometown Philly.

Pozzie’s love and contribution to Music, Dance, Fashion and Film makes her a promising future house hold name.

2012 was a great year for Pozzie, she wrapped up her first official album titled "RED ARROW", and released the first single "Get Back" and received overwhelming press from blogs, Reebok, BET and radio stations such as Hot 107.9 (Philly), Chicago 107.5, Orlando 95.3 The Beat, Wort 89.9 FM, Madison, D Slate D-Hour Show, Columbus, 98.2 The Beat, New York to name a few.

Pozzie recently was honored to have the opportunity to share the stage with Eric Benet and El Debarge at R&B Live in Studio City. With many celebs, athletes and entertainers in attendance, Pozzie along with her band and dancers received a standing congrats from the crowd of 500+ for her performance.

She is everything you would want from an artist to give the crowd a great show and keep them interested, (Nick Cannon) said "She Is Dope, I Love Her Style" (Legendary MC) Monie Love Tweeted "I Love Your Sound, You Are An Artist Against The Grain" and (R&B Pioneer) El Debarge said "She Has So Much Class, She Is Next".

Pozzie Brings More Than Just Music, She Promotes The Importance Of Education To Young Scholars At Various Schools Throughout California. Being A College Graduate Herself With A BFA In Fashion Design And Marketing From AIU, She Understands The Importance Of Education And The Impact It Had On Her Career. Pozzie's Campaign Does Not Stop There, She Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle In Conjunction Her Vegetarian Diet. She Promotes The Green Movement By Creating Her Own Bottling Recycling Movement Along With Her Clothing Line "Rosalind Gene" That Recycles Old Clothing To Make Fabric For Her New Designs.

Pozzie Has A Lot To Offer And By Selecting Her She Will Give You More Than You Would Expect, Leaving All Those In Attendance Happy And Glad They Came.