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"Marc7 & Soup (ex-Jurassic 5) of Portable Payback"

Certified Banger: What’s up Portable Payback?! Thanks for reaching out to me! I’m pretty excited about the project you two have got going on. Let’s talk about it: For those who don’t know; who are you and who were you?!

M: I’m Marc 7 formerly of Jurassic 5
S: I’m Zaakir aka Soup

CB:And what’s in the name Portable Payback? Where did that come from? Is it anything to do with James Brown?

S: Sev came up with the name and I like the fact that it has no hold to it… meaning we can go wherever… It's portable. And I think ALL hip hop has something to do with James Brown.
M: The name came to me one day when I was in the kitchen talking to my wife, I was watching a commercial that mentioned the word “PAYBACK” and I said to myself, “Portable Payback, that’s the name of the group”.

CB: So you literally just dropped ‘Relax’. What’s that all about?

M: We felt like if we’re gonna reintroduce ourselves we’ve gotta put out the hottest single first and let everyone know we’re back, we’re super talented and we’re ready. Soup and I are about to pull a Ghostface and Raekwon on everybody that’s sleeping on us.
S: It just came about for me, the first way we did it was totally different from what you hear now. And it wasn’t like we were trying to make a statement, that’s just where the music lead us.

CB: Did you know Young Einstein had used that same Simon Haseley sample? Is it a bad thing that you both came out with it together?!

S: I found out through a review that we got and my first thought was DAMN (until I
heard it) after that I was like we good. Cause theirs is waaay different!
M: I heard the song and it sounds nothing like ours, in fact it’s a lot faster. Ugly Duckling are all good dudes and I wish them success with their new album.

CB: The single is taken from an EP. What’s it going to be called? What can we expect from that?

M: There’s no name for the EP as of yet but you can expect it to drop this summer followed by heavy touring in the U.S. and Overseas.

CB: Will you be going off in a different direction to your work with Jurassic 5? Will there be things that are kept the same?

M: The sound were coming with in my opinion is nothing like J5 and I think the only thing that will be the same is the work ethic and the showmanship.
S: MOST DEFINITELY ! Only thing that'll look and sound familiar will be me and Sev and that’s where it STOPS!

CB: Soup, I know you sing, will there be more melody with Portable Payback?

S: All day long and I don't care what Seven say. He jus mad cause they don't consider him the “lil Luther” of love!

CB: Your voices are both quite recognisable, a must have in this over-MC-saturated world. Would you agree with that?

S: That and having your own bag!
M: I would have to agree with you 100 percent. Thank god we put in work early and built a fan base.

CB: What are your feelings post J5 as a result of everything – from the group‘s conception to the split, the good and the bad?

M: The good thing is that I enjoyed my time in J5 and was ready to ride with the fellas to the end. The sad part is that the fans were robbed of a proper farewell tour because Chali 2na quit out of the blue in the middle of our 1st euro tour in 3 years to pursue his still yet to be released album.
S: I'll never front on the experience cause that was more than I could have ever dreamt, but the people, certain ones - total frauds!

CB: What were your personal feelings about ‘Feedback’?

M: I thought Feedback had some really great records on it, but there was no push. Also it was a mistake to release the Dave Matthews song right out the gate.
S: I dug it! I felt we were turning away from that "halo rap" meaning "eat your vegetables, look both ways before crossing the street, lets all share in the goodness".

CB: Has your experience with record labels influenced how you intend to progress with Portable Payback?

S: Look, the days of bashing labels are over, its to many ways to do without them. Everything we've done will influence our progress with this movement.
M: Soup and I are in a ownership position now. Our current deal allows us to retain ownership of our masters as well as split profits 50/50.

CB: Have you got any more plans for the near future?

M: I’m still writing films and Soup and I have projects that we’re about to unleash. We’re just excited to get the album out and tour again.
S: We better, but right now this is the spring board. And thank you for being our FIRST and ONLY interview so far. For real, thank you so much.

CB: Well be sure to keep me in the loop! Thanks for taking the time to do this. Are there any things you want to add before we wind up?

M: I just want all the J5 fans to know that Soup and I have love for all you guys and pray that you’ll support us in our new endeavour.
S: Don't expect and look out for what we do next.

http://cbinterviews.blogspot.com/2009/02/marc7-soup-ex-jurassic-5-of-portable.html - Certified Banger

"'Relax' - Portable Payback (single review)"

Regardless of what you think, Jurassic 5 were great. Only the other day I was watching the DVD that came with the excellent re-issue of Jurassic 5's debut album and wondering what will happen next.

I know Akil is coming out solo (as Akil the MC) and Chali 2na might one day drop the second of his Fish Market mixtapes but what about Soup and Marc7? Well now I know:

Soup and Marc7 have formed Portable Payback and their first single, off their soon to be released EP, is 'Relax'. 'Relax' flips the same sample as Young Einstein used on Ugly Duckling's latest single 'I Wont Let It Die' but the slower tempo makes for an entirely different track and the fact that they share the source doesn't matter.

Soup and Marc ill out with some old school style bragging over what is a, um, relaxing beat that still manages heralds their triumphant return! Welcome back I say.

http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com/2009/01/relax-portable-payback-single-review.html - Certified Banger

"Portable Payback - Relax"

After hearing the exciting news that Soup and Mark 7even of
Jurassic 5 are joining forces to form Portable Payback, listeners will be hard-pressed to heed the advice of the duo’s debut single and simply Relax. With the two West Coast vets together again, matching each other line for dope line, alternative hip-hop aficionados are liable to have heart palpitations, so it’s a good thing that John Meyer‘s laid-back production keeps the vibe relatively mellow; a snippet of John Haseley’s oft-sampled Hammerhead instrumental imbues the hook with enough brassy swank to fuel a Bond soundtrack or three, and the verses boast a catchy, bass-fortified guitar groove. Though no details have been given regarding a debut album, this record finds the Jurassic 5 alumni in fighting form as they prepare for their triumphant return to the headphones of old-school music-lovers nationwide.

Read more: http://www.djbooth.net/index/tracks/review/portable-payback-mark-7even-soup-of-jurassic-5-relax/#ixzz0Rm2nTkLt
- DJBooth.net


* Portable Payback - EP 10/20/09 (Executive Music Group / Universal)
* Full Length LP - Spring 2010 (Executive Music Group / Universal)

With Jurassic 5
* Jurassic 5 EP
* Feedback LP
* Power in Numbers LP
* Quality Control LP



Portable Payback's Soup and Marc7, are formerly of the renowned rap group, Jurassic 5. The talented duo teams up once again on their forthcoming EP album, scheduled for release in the October of 2009 which is self-titled, Portable Payback. This new album promises to deliver an exciting, creative and inventive musical concept. It will also feature their new song, Relax, which has already reached number one on the CMJ radio charts. Their Full-length album is scheduled to be released Spring 2010.

Portable Payback's music combines bold bass lines mixed with catchy hooks and clean rhythms. Their diverse musical approach crosses an array of demographics, as they bring together their life experience, rap and hip-hop proficiency with cutting-edge techniques. Recently signed with Executive Music Group (EMG)/Fontana/Universal Music Group, Portable Payback is currently preparing for a major national and world tour for early 2010.

Throughout their career, Soup and Marc7 have sold over a million albums in the USA. Inspired by classic rap artists, including Run DMC, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube, the duo's music also incorporates influences from Otis Redding, Al Green, Prince and Michael Jackson. This combination of unique musical styles has grown into Portable Payback's unmistakably groundbreaking, diverse sound.

Based in Los Angeles, Marc7 and Soup initially connected in 1993 in the city's The Good Life Cafe, a small music venue where they were both performing in local bands. As Marc7 was a member of Unity Committee, and Soup was with Rebels of Rhythm, the two decided to explore new sounds and creative experimentation. Collaboration among the two musical acts resulted in the now-classic song, "Unified Rebelution," which was the catalyst for forming their new band, Jurassic 5.

Jurassic 5's successful first album, the independently-released Gold J5 EP led to a signed deal with Interscope Records and launched their career worldwide, attracting attention throughout the United States, and scoring them Gold and Silver status overseas. Their Quality Control album, released in 2002, firmly established the group as a major player in the music industry. The band's following album, Power in Numbers (2004); and final release, Feedback (2006), allowed the band to sharpen their musical skills and build upon their avid and loyal fan base across the globe.

Growing up in California, Marc7 and Soup were each encouraged by their musical families. They played in bands in high school, and enjoyed jamming with relatives and friends.

Throughout their thriving musical careers, Soup and Marc7 have enjoyed sharing the stage with well-known talents, such as Outkast, Lauryn Hill, Green Day, The Roots, Cee-Lo, Fiona Apple, The Dave Matthews Band, Sum 41, and Janes Addiction. In addition, they were the only Rap group to perform on the "Vote for Change" tour with Bruce Springsteen.

Over the last few years, this musical duo has toured the world multiple times, performing live to enthusiastic crowds at major venues and music festivals, including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Australia's Big Day Out, The UK's Reading and Leads Festival, and Japan's Summer Sonic - to name a few.