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"Expect big things from Pascale Picard."

Wait, so where did Pascale Picard come from anyways? Her band was formed in Quebec City only a year ago, but they've been rather busy ever since. They recorded an album, Me, Myself, and Us, which went platinum in Canada last November. They performed at the MIDEM (Marché International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale) in Cannes, France, which opened them up to European listeners (particularly in France, of all places, where Me, Myself, and Us will drop in June). And perhaps most significant of all was Picard's surprise appearance at the 2008 Junos, where she was up for Artist of the Year. Of course, there was really no way Pascale Picard was going to top Feist (who won), Avril Lavigne, or Celine Dion (unfortunately), but it's still pretty impressive that she got as far as she did in such a short time.

But then again, considering the folk influenced alternative leanings of My, Myself, and Us, it isn't all that astonishing that Pascale Picard (or the Pascale Picard Band, as they are interchangeably referred to as) would manage to impress mainstream audiences. The majority of Me, Myself, and Us is fairly uplifting endeavour; it makes use of an intimate alternative sound as well as singer-songwriter pop, at times combining the two and at times deviating from this blueprint. That said, the band's debut album manages to avoid being formulaic, and sounds quite fresh.

Though Picard's captivating voice is the most distinct aspect of Me, Myself, and Us – and is especially alluring in singles, "Gate 22", and "Smilin'!!", the most impressive aspect of the band's sound is the instrumentation. The song writing trio of Picard, guitarist Mathieu Cantin, and bassist Philippe Morissette lay down lush musical passages which conjure up a variety of emotions ranging from the sombre resignation of "Useless" to the carefree textures of "When at the End of the Road". "Sorry" is a powerful, low-key song that relies on soft acoustic strumming as much as it does on the lyrical delivery. Picard's half spoken, half sung lines of "Maybe I’m much too close to jealousy / Lost between regrets and melancholy" capture the insecure emotions of the song extremely well. On the flipside, rockers like "A While" and "Annoying" are the most rousing songs on a fairly calm and collect album, and they do an excellent job on portraying a different side of the band. Especially the outspoken "Annoying", where Picard loses all semblance of melody and control, instead opting to scream and shout the "I hate you's" and f-bombs scattered throughout the song. It's…quite an entertaining listen, to be perfectly honest, and collectively with "Gate 22" and "Unconscious Liars", is one of the album's standout tracks. In the end, the most endearing quality of Me, Myself, and Us is that while each of the album's songs are tied together musically, they each enjoy a degree of distinctness that separates them from one another. Provided that Pascale Picard manages to maintain qualities such as these, it shouldn't be too much to expect big things from the band. - Sputnik Music

"March music reviews: Checking out the hottest sounds in music this month."

There appears to be an amazing surge of Canadian music happening as of late; Feist, Joel Plaskett, Chromeo and others are proving to the world that Canadian talent should not be overlooked. Pascale Picard is yet another talented Canuck musician making waves in the international music community as well as at home. She's been nominated for the "Artist of the Year" Juno at this year's awards and already has legions of fans in her native Quebec. Although her debut album Me Myself and Us was released in April of last year, I only recently discovered it and I feel obliged to inform the good readership of this quality music (thank you Mademoiselle Picard, you make my job here easy). "Gate 22" is the single that has got the buzz going and it's definitely worthy of such attention. The music is best described as folk pop but Pascale Picard is capable of rocking out on the occasional track.

"Annoying" is reminiscent of a young Alanis Morisette with bitter lyrics and a few strategically placed f-bombs. Personally my favorite track is the first one on the album called "Thinking of it". This song showcases the multifaceted talents of Picard, bringing together her emotive songwriting, her vocal range and her ability as a guitar player. As songwriter and singer, Pascale Picard is undoubtedly destined for big things in the future and as Canadians, we have yet another reason to brag about our homegrown talent.
- ELLE Canada


- Me, Myself & Us (2007)



The band first made a small appearance during a tv show on MusiquePlus in Montreal. The station was then flooded with messages to praise the band, forcing them to be reinvited.
Me, Myself & Us, the band's first album, was released in April 2007. Seven months later the album was platinum in Canada with more than 100,000 sold copies. The album's first single, "Gate 22", stayed in the Top 50 Anglophone chart in Quebec for 12 weeks.Pascale Picard, the songwriter, is at the center of the band. She is known for her rich voice and she is now considered one of the hottest discoveries in 2007 in Canada. She was nominated for the 2008 Juno Awards in the category Artist of the year. In January 2008 the band made a good impression while playing at the Midem, in Cannes, in the hope of opening new horizons in Europe. The single "Gate 22" was released in France in March 2008 and the whole album followed in June. On August 20, 2008, Pascale and her band, incidentally from Quebec, were asked by Paul McCartney's team to open for the latter's historic show on the Plains of Abraham as part of Quebec's 400th anniversary. The much anticipated second album will be released in the course of 2010.