Percival Potts

Percival Potts


Percival Potts is high intensity funk-soul-rock n roll. Amazing lyrics, soulful vocals with a sound that reaches out to reggae, ska, prog rock and stays funky with a constant groove. Most Popular in the Jam Band circuit we reach out to music fans across the board.


Percival Potts was a man who was knighted in the 18th century. He was a Doctor and a scientist, and while being one of the forefathers in promoting sanitation in the operating room, his claim to fame was to be the first scientist to demonstrate that a cancer may be caused by an environmental carcinogen. So... We thought he had an awesome name.

Percival Potts the Band started in Oct. 2002 as a project of simply getting the songs in our head onto paper and recordings. Neil and Rob had been playing music together since 2000, and upon the split of an experimental project band decided to pick up some dedicated musicians to work together. Kevin Boas Jr. joined the band in May 2003, replacing a previous bass player, and Will joined August 2004 replacing a previous lead guitarist. All set with our new upgrades, we set out upon the Bloomington bar scene with a vengence.

Playing Bloomington quickly grew into the surrounding areas of Louisville and Indianapolis, and before we knew it our weekends were spent in a touring van we bought with our band savings, touring the countryside and playing shows regionally. We have maintained residencies at venues in Louisville, KY, Indianapolis, IN, and Bloomington, IN.

Late 2004 and early 2005 found us in the studio recording our self produced, self funded album "choices" - which was released August 2005. We followed our album release with a 3 week national tour, spawning enough album sales to allow us to make a second, larger printing, and realize that we have something big on our hands.


Broken Tear

Written By: Robert Reynolds

Nothing can compare, to this world that we all share. Everything's up in the air. How we use this, time is scarce.

How do you wanna live? There is something we can all give back.
Here's to the gentlemen,
Civilized is a quality this world lacks.

Everything's now clear, people die of hunger every year. This Broken Tear, is my message for all to hear. It's your choice to make. Corporations with your money rake. For Heaven's sake, make this world worth the give and take.

There's got to be some change about. Can you spare a moment of thought? This world is the only one. Save it for the children before it's gone.


Written By: Robert Reynolds

Music is what makes you get up and dance. We all like to shake and bake in our own trance. Groove is definately where it's at. We all got to love music and that is that. (We all got to smoke our joints and make them phat.)

I Can

Written By: Robert Reynolds

I can dream of a better world for you and me.

I can dream of a better world for you and me.

Can you see? Can you hear me say please?


EP - The Dome Sessions (Live) - July 2005
* Out of Print - limited edition artistic copies are out of print, but we feature the music online still.

LP - choices - August 2005
* Tracks featured on NPR's all things considered, PBS special "Where the water ends...",

New Album and special edition recorded material is being tracked and demo-ed for a planned Summer/Fall 2007 release.

Set List

80-100% original songs, we like to stick with 2 1.5 hour-ish sets, with an encore when necessary.

Covers have included, but are not limited to -
Ween, The Pixies, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jane's Addiction, Led Zeppelin,