Dingley Village, Victoria, AUS

We're a year nine all-girl band from VIC, Australia. There are 4 of us and our band consists of:

Bianca - Piano & guitar & singer

Shandara - Guitar, piano & drums

Hazel - Bass guitar & electric guitar (& saxophone)

Talya - Drummer (& trumpet)

Our style of music is pop and rock.


Our main style of music is pop and rock, but we do have songs in other genres.

Our band has been together for nearly a year now, and we have around 10 originals. We also do covers.

Music is our LIFE, and we put a lot of hard work, practice and dedication into not only our band, but our other music as well.

Our influences would definitely be our families, and the awesome music teachers at our school. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are now.

What sets us apart from all the other bands? Hmm...well for starters, there aren't that many all-girl bands out there. There are a lot of boy bands and mixed bands, but not many girl ones. Another thing is the kind of music we do. We don't alter our voices and use sound effects to alter the sound of our music - we actually hate the idea of edited music. What you hear is what you get.

We met through the music department, and now we're all really great friends - the rest is history :)