Prada Joe

Prada Joe

 Saginaw, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopR&B

1st off tell me what makes the greats as good as they were?
Hunger right? Poverty? Struggle of some sort?
You can hear it in my voice! You can can see it in my eyes!
I'm not selling my soul for nothing! I live this life everyday i wake up. It wasn't a choice for me. Hear me then you decide!


Joe was always a standout at everything he did. Born in Michigan raised the same way, He did his best to live up to the goals he set.After a few stints in jail and gun charges marking him with a felony record he decided that he would not end up a statistic.

Joe has always felt different then others around him and seen as they stayed in the streets he continued to graduate High School and Attain a college degree.
The name " PRADA JOE" has always been his EGO
also he thought maybe the name would stand out like his abilities and personality as an artist.

Being a kid from Saginaw, Michigan he never had the newest shoes or things kids should have so his confidence and attitude towards life would soon help his craft and the creativity and self expression that went into every piece of music .

Prada Joe has made himself the perfect example of what an artist can do through music. Though inspired by artists such as J.U., Ross,Gizzle,Serius,Town,drizzy,tunechi,
Jay,Em,blade,Cass etc....

He finally felt the need to expose the world to the music within him. With the inspiration that,"No man can harm him and to fear only god himself ".Prada Joe went on to promote himself as an artist and as a producer/engineer With very little knowledge of promotion, and a small almost invisible fan base .Prada Joe began his undying pursuit toward to the top.
"To those who doubt watch and listen. Bound for greatness by the graces of God born in the struggle for a purpose "..............PRADA JOE


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