BandHip Hop

Holy spirit filled movement.Not just information but transformation.Street gospal from the vocal cords of a changed man that only speaks through the power of Christ.I'm just a vesel that the Lord speaks through to bring the message of truth and deliverance.


We are freinds who came out of the street life to answer our calling.We have been making music for many years but it was for the world and God took us from that so we could be used to reach the lost at what ever cost.Praffa-c became an evangalist using hiphop to reach the old and the young in jails and on the streets.We work as a unit with everyone,making them a part of what they were created to be.We carry each others cross and beleive in exposing the talents hidin within there heart.Our influences are jesus,sinners that God raised up to be great examples.What sets us apart from others is we are that one peace of the puzzle that is needed to reach those that have lost hope and there hearts have become to hard to bring themselves to beleive that God has a plan for them.Praffa-c stands on fellowship and beleives all other bands that speek the lords truth is vital in this walk so we can together do the will of Christ.


One God has been recorded but not finished do to finances.We have 20 songs that are ready to be recorded.

Set List

We do 6 song sets or more and beleive in puting on a show,the 4 eliments of hiphop.45min to an hour.