Prairie Travellers

Prairie Travellers



We are a three piece band from the Halbrite & Weyburn Saskatchewan area and have been performing for 10 years for various types of groups and functions. Our style of music includes classic country, old time, original country compositions and a touch of bluegrass. We have played for weddings, anniversaries, dance clubs, concerts, nightclubs, fairs and will travel almost anywhere when hired to play. We have a unique rhythm that is extremely popular with dance crowds. We are also tuned in to what the crowd desires and will accommodate them as well as we can. We tend to get the crowd involved with our on stage antics as much as we can which brings us closer to them and allows us all to have that much more fun.


The Stranger

Written By: Kelly J. Gill

The Stranger

He rode into town one hot dusty afternoon
And pulled up in front of Cactus Pete's saloon
He got off his horse and tied him to a rail
When he slowly turned around everyone who saw him paled

He was dressed in black from head to toe with a brace of 45's
And a shiver went right through you if you looked him in the eye
But he was here for someone else so you better walk away
And hope that he never comes back to get you someday

Through the batwing doors he walked and glanced around the room
You could have heard a pin drop as he stared through the gloom
For everyone knew that stranger had long since been shot dead
By a ruthless killer by the name of Blackjack Jed

Blackjack was sittin' at a table drinkin' rye
When that stranger walked right up to him and looked him in the eye
Blackjack looked at the stranger and stared in disbelief
As the stranger looked down on him and said get on your feet


Blackjack Jed was shakin' bad when they walked through the batwing doors
For he saw as everyone else that shaft of sunlight on the floor
It had come from the stranger's chest the stranger dressed in black
From a hole from ten years ago when Jed shot him in the back


So now you know the story of the stranger dressed in black
Blackjack Jed should not have shot a sheriff in the back
For justice always wins as in this story I did tell
As the sheriff came for Blackjack Jed and sent him straight to (gunshot effect)

Chorus twice then end


We have released two albums entitled "Here's Hopin'" and "Summertime on the Prairie's". The signature track "The Stranger" has had radio airplay on the canadian west coast.