Praise 8

Praise 8


PRAISE 8 desires to use their music and message to encourage believers to live a life of worship and to reach those who have never trusted Christ as personal Savior, to recognize that this is their first act of worship to the only true God. Contact at: 434-847-4656


PRAISE 8 is a full-time ministry that God put on the hearts of worship leaders Lance & Terra DeMerchant. It is their sole desire to please their Creator & Savior in all they do and worship Him not only by their song but even more by the way they live.

LANCE AND TERRA led worship individually for several years and then joined together in 2000. They have worked with children, youth, singles, and senior adults, both within the United States as well as cross culturally. God has stretched them to be comfortable in many environments.

BOTH LANCE AND TERRA are songwriters and enjoy writing together. They use their songs to not only encourage believers but also to reach the lost with the hope-filled message of Jesus Christ.


Who Are We?

Written By: Lance and Terra DeMerchant

Who are we that we can sing Your name?
Who are You that You would love?
Who are we that You would come to us?
Who are You that You would save?

You are glorious
You are great
You are victorious
We will sing Your praise

We are but dust with the breath of life
You are the One who makes us live
We are Your sheep in green pastures now
You are the hand by which we're fed

We're giving You praise!

The Hymn

Written By: Lance & Terra DeMerchant

I can hear the Savior calling
I can hear the Master say
When the world around is falling ~
"Child, please don't turn away."

When the pain is overwhelming
And life seems too hard to bear
I can hear God softly whisper
"Child, let me take your care."

It's only by the cross I come
It's only by the cross I come
Lifting holy hands undone
It's only by the cross I come

When death ahead brings judgment
Yourself to sin a slave
There is God's amazing promise
"If You call, you will be saved."

I can see the hearts unfolding
I can hear the demons flee
and the jubilant shouts in glory
When a soul has been set free

It's only by the cross I come
It's only by the cross I come
Lifting up these chains undone
it's onlly by the cross I come


Debut CD - Self Titled - Praise 8

Set List

We tailor fit each set based on the audience that will be worshiping with us. Anything from original songs, to Chris Tomlin, Delirious, or Hillsong material or even favorite hymns.

We love to worship with all ages and therefore we are flexible to do songs that will connect with each age group.