Praise Warriors

Praise Warriors

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
BandHip HopChristian

They are an energetic, powerful, humorous sibling group that raps and sings verse after verse of Scripture to hip hop tracks in a new genre they've coined "Scrip hop." They dance w/style and charisma and engage audiences of all ages. The Christian music world has NEVER seen anything like this.


80 % of our lyrics are the Word of God. People who hear us are memorizing Scripture itself. Add to that an amazing performance that keeps the audience engaged and involved the entire time. These 4 young people are part of a family of 10 that desires to serve the Lord Jesus by helping others to get excited about God's Word. We've performed for all ages, elementary school kids to older adults, and the responses are the same: "Incredible" "Cool"
"Awesome" "Anointed" Their show is not to be missed.


"Cross Eyed The Birth of Scrip Hop"
released on Oblivion America Recordings, LLC

Set List

30 min
Walk with the Light
We Will Praise You
The Full Armor of God
No Condemnation