Richmond, California, USA
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β€œHe took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that's what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you.”
― Hannah Harrington, Saving June


Making music with his friends in high school was enough to stimulate his interest in the business. In fact, two songs and a mixtape was all it took to turn Philip Burns into Prankstaa Tha Kidd. Since then, Prank has dropped Tha Kidd from his name and diligently assumed the role of mentor, manager and businessman. Beyond a capacity to rhyme and an amicable personality, Pranks got a tight grip on the game and hes not letting go anytime soon.

He balances a solo career with being an primary member of the Bay Area rap group, The Diligentz. It all goes back to The Diligentz, he answers both loyal and nostalgic. We started off together and we stayed together, he emphasizes. King Style, the groups first mixtape, not only solidified their friendship but increased their ambition to succeed; not to mention, it created a buzz that quickly spread throughout the entire Bay Area. But what was stronger than the groups buzz was Pranks business sense. Determined to turn cents into dollars, following high school Prank moved to Los Angeles to enhance his musical skill set by attending college. Whether it was school, or the move to Southern California, by the time Prank released his latest mixtape What The Bays Been Missing, after only four weeks of preparation, it was clear he had stepped his bars up making him a notable lyrical competitor.

Cream Vol.1 is the album that really gave me my buzz, he says. But its on his new material that his unique fusion of beats, rhymes and concepts gets jiggy. And no, he doesnt mean the 90s dance craze popularized by Will Smith. In his own words, jiggy is, smooth, its got a bounce to it. Once you hear it, youll understand more clearly; but if your mind is searching for a frame of reference, think of Snoops Rhythm and Gangsta album. Now thats jiggy, he explains.

Prank is currently working on What the Bay's Been Missing Vol.2 and a street album with The Diligentz with production by Skin and Bones. Whens hes not on his studio grind, hes pursuing one of his other ventures Right now Im working with an R&B artist by the name of ML2K and The Diligentz have a publishing company, Diligentz Music Group. Not bad for a 21 year old. If Im going to do it, I may as well press the whole issue, he confesses. In the Bay we got all the right niggas, we just have to get our package together. Hmm perhaps, thats what the Bays been missing.

For Prank, doing music is more than bars and hooks, however, it is an opportunity for him to come on, come through and make a way. Influenced by 2Pac, Mos Def and Devin the Dude, Prank understands the importance of making good, classic music that supersedes the rhythm of the beats. With the reverence and humility to be both a big bro and a lil bro when necessary, Prank is already working towards the type of longevity that is intrinsic in icons.

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2008 - "C.R.E.A.M. VOL.1"


2010 - "NO MIX, NO MASTER VOL.1"


2012 - "MMXII (2012)"

2013 - "NO MIX, NO MASTER VOL.2"

2014 - "D.O.P.E."