Rock music with blues, pop and funk influences. Described by the Village Voice as "a toughened-up Dave Matthews Band".


New York City band PRANKSTAR combines pop, funk & electric blues to create an ever-evolving brand of modern rock. The new release, RUE DE BLACKWELL, takes you on a tour of the band's influences. From the twang of steel guitar on the country pop "Drinking Song" to the digitally scrambled vocals in the middle of the rocker "Buckhunter", the album
sees the band finding new sounds in a mashup of Oklahoma blues and urban rock and roll.

The sound of the band has at its base a sometimes contentious mix of vocalist/bassist Michael Tuminello's funk and pop influences and the BBQ blues guitar sounds of Adam Headrick and Jason Presley. The
resulting music channels the pulse and grit of New York City alongside the greasy spoon good times of a southern-fried honky-tonk.

After releasing their 2004 debut album, "One", the group underwent a series of changes. Guitarist Adam Headrick left for a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005, and the remaining members, expecting Adam's
return, chose to fill the gap in the band's sound with
the addition of John McCann on keyboards. McCann's jazz-inspired sense of harmony and synth programming wizardry added a new layer to the
band's sound.

As new lineup began to gel, original drummer David French left for Los Angeles, and was replaced by Spiro Edgos in 2005. Edgos proved a versatile and energetic addition to the band, and in late 2005, Headrick
returned from Iraq.

With all the right pieces in place, the band returned to the studio for their sophomore effort, Rue de Blackwell. The album was recorded at Axis Sound in New York City with Steve Rossiter as engineer.
"RdB" comes much closer to the group's live performance, and the rocking riffs and solos, synth and electric guitar tweakery, and soul-inflected vocals add up to an agitated balance between vintage and
modern sounds.

The album's guitar and piano rhythms are counterbalanced by a thread of mysterious and indecipherable sounds that add depth and curiosity to the tracks. The leaner, harder sound Prankstar has found on Rue de Blackwell has invited comparisons to the Black Keys, White Stripes, and Kings of Leon.

Having demonstrated a sizable leap in both content and cohesion between their first two albums, Prankstar seems primed to hit its stride in 2008 with hard-hitting, no b.s. live shows and an ever-increasing prowess in the studio.


One (album)
Rue de Blackwell (album)

Set List

typically (in NYC) we play an hour set list of originals. We can easily play up to 2 hours, with some diverse covers we already know, or learn new covers for a specific audience.

some covers we have done in the past:
beck - sissyneck
bill withers - use me
creedence clearwater - born on the bayou