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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Mixtape: Prano – Pranobama (Hosted By DJ Holiday)"

Just in time for election season, Prano releases his long-awaited Pranobama mixtape. Hosted by DJ Holiday, the Boston emcee shows the country what he has to offer with 16 original tracks. Featuring production by The Beat Bully, Jahlil Beats, Duce P, 5 Star Gz, and CT Beatz, the Built By Money general delivers aggressive lyrics, topped off with strong punch lines. Joining him are Ransom, Verse Simmonds, Freck Billionaire, Salemme and more. Listen and exercise your right to vote below! – @Lindsey_Gamble / @HITPmusicblog
- Hard In The Paint Music

"Video: Pranobama Labor Day Weekend Miami Edition Vlog"

To build up the anticipation for his upcoming Pranobama mixtape, Prano is releasing a video blog of his recent trip to Miami over Labor Day weekend. The mixtape will be hosted by DJ Holiday and has features from Verse Simmonds, Freck Billionaire, Ransom, Jahlil Beats, The Beat Bully and many more! - Mass Hip Hop

"Prano Pranobama"

@Prano has just dropped his latest mixtape “Pranobama” for free download. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Holiday and has features from Verse Simmonds, Freck Billionaire, Ransom, Jahlil Beats, The Beat Bully and many more - Hip Hop Points

"Prano "Pranobama" mixtape out now"

Since dropping his "Road to the Greenhouse" mixtape (below) in 2011, Prano has spent much of his time preparing for and promoting the release of "PranoBama". Presented by Built By Money Music Group and hosted by DJ Holiday, the 16-track offering is a solid effort by the Boston based artist. The project includes features from Verse Simmonds (of Akon's KonLive/Bu Vision), Freck Billionaire, Ransom, Antagonist and Salemme with ample production from the likes of Roc Nation signee Jahlil Beats, The Beat Bully, Duce P, 5 Star Gz, CT Beatz and Big Stuff. - New England Hip Hop


Still working on that hot first release.



Prano is laid back, witty and extremely charismatic, but don't let
this fool you. He can grow very impatient in a situation he doesn’t
approve of. In fact, while accompanying him to a restaurant, he was
not shy about notifying a waitress about his dissatisfaction of her
slow service.
Can you blame him though? Growing up in a part of Boston seemingly
forgotten about by those more fortunate, Prano was no stranger to the
exposure of your typical "hood" experiences, including, drugs,
poverty, fast money and a vast population of deprived individuals who
project their depression in destructive actions landing them dead or
in jail. It’s certainly an environment in which impatience, translates
to ambition. It becomes the fuel to find a better life. Only the
strong survive and Prano is no weakling.

Prano prides himself on hard work. He's also surprisingly open-minded
considering he's grown up in an atmosphere that frowns upon anything
unfamiliar. A rapper's rapper, he fulfills prerequisites of a golden
era MC. He boasts a history of battle rapping, but understands the
importance of being a well-rounded artist. Prano's main producer,
Deuce P, says the main thing he enjoys about working with Prano is
that he doesn’t limit his creativity. “He's not afraid to experiment &
hop on any beat,” says Deuce. I later learn it wouldn't be surprising
to hear Prano listening to, early 90s RnB, Maroon 5, or even gospel
(listen to Prano’s music and you’ll understand why this is such a
When speaking about music, Prano’s eyes light up. He has no problem
answering the other questions, but he’s noticeably more enthusiastic
when it comes to talking about his craft. He tells me when he’s in
the booth he just feels free and describes his talent as “just
knowing.” He just knows what he’s saying is hot. In fact he’s so
comfortable in his abilities, he encourages other’s to rap. He’s
sincerely not threatened because he knows nobody can give what he can
provide in his music.
Drawing from influences such as Nas, Jay-Z and Kanye, his goal is to
optimize the description of a situation he raps about. He can always
make something sound better and more entertaining, including the most
mundane of activities.
Considering Prano isn’t interested in stretching the truth, in his
raps, his descriptive skills are one of his strongest assets.
Activities such as trips to Miami, his love for dirt bikes, cars and
fast women are prominent subjects in his raps. Additionally, he’s able
to give depth and vulnerability drawing from incidents in his past.
You can see the humbling impact of his story when he speaks of friends
that were taken from him due to incarceration or death. “It’s like
damn, I was just with him and now they gone. It’s like I used to be
with him everyday and now I never see them.”
As our conversation approaches an end, it hits me why Prano can seem
reserved when speaking about topics other than music. Bearing in mind,
his previous basketball talent and his incredible ability to rap, he
is used to others doing the talking and promoting for him! He’s not
insecure, because, he’s reminded every day of how talented he is.
Truly someone oozing with star power he has the potential to influence
masses. The world is in the palm of his hands and he may not even know
it yet…