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"Prart News@Nation : Guru in the groove"

Prart News@Nation
Guru in the groove

The founder of Prart Music Group talks about his inspiration and his future projects
Ask any musician who inspired them to pick up their first guitar and among their replies will figure such names as Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen.
For Thailand's leading guitar guru, Prart Aroonrungsi, founder of Prart Music Group (PMG), the man with the magic fingers was Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore.
Today, Prart publishes the popular Overdrive guitar magazine as well as other music-oriented magazines and runs a music school that offers lessons not just in strings but also a range of other instruments.
He also actively encourages Thai youngsters to take up music both as a hobby and a career.
"Music is very relaxing and it's not addictive," smiles Prart, who these days focuses more on jazz than on rock.
"We are happy and proud to be part of young peoples' decisions to play music and we are pleased to help them improve their skills."
Prart, whose name means "expert" or "guru", was born into a family of musicians. In 1994, he headed to the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, where he studied with such well-known instructors as Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale
"My parents are musicians and I completed my education in the arts," he recalls.
"My friends continued painting but I was more interested in pursuing a career in music, hence the decision to go to the States."
Prart's interest in fusion jazz dates back to the late '80s, a period when he recalls listening to Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomerry, Pat Martino, Kenny Burrell, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Robert Cray and Jack Johnson."
He came out with his first instrumental album, "Electric Guitarland", in 1992 and followed up two years later with "Six Strings Story", blending old Thai melodies with modern music.
"Prart Conception III" came out in 1998, and "Prart IV" in 1999, the same year he formed Prart Music Group.
He then devoted his time to teaching guitar, heading back into the studio in 2005 for "5th Avenue" with jazz drummer Peter Erskine, an album that he describes as "Thai jazz 'n' roll".
"My style is much freer and there's much more improvisation," he explains.
Over the past couple of years, PMG has spread its wings even wider, organising concept workshops and bringing to the Bangkok stage international guitarists and bands that other concert organisers consider too far removed from the mainstream.
Among those to have thrilled Thai rock fans and guitarists to date are Dream Theatre, Eric Johnson, bassists Jeff Berlin, Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan, Yngwie Malmsteen and, most recently, power metallers DragonForce,
His latest "Overtone" project offers aspiring musicians a chance to play on a public stage using the latest in sound technology. A series of music workshops have also been slated for Chiang Mai in August.
Prart, who is the Thai representative for the Los Angeles Guitar Institute, has designed a new approach for music training that will allow young Thai talents to go on to study at the accredited musical institute.
"We have followed His Majesty the King's sufficiency theory and grown slowly, step by step. We've followed our convictions and done what we believe we are capable of doing," says Prart.
PMG is currently working on its next series of concerts and is hoping to delight local fans by arranging a Bangkok stop on the "G3 World Tour" featuring legendary guitarists Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert.
Also in the planning stages is a show by heavy metal outfit Megadeth.
"It's possible but there's still a lot of work to do. These kind of concerts have to be prepared months in advance. So much depends on the numbers of cities and the individual organisers in Asia," he explains.
Japan, Singapore and Bangkok are the only three venues to have committed to the G3 tour. Malaysia is still negotiating.
Prart is keeping his fingers crossed.
"It'll be such a memorable concert for Thai fans," he says. "We'll be ready."

Rangsan Srirat - The Nation

"Jazz-Rock goes Culture"

For those lucky enough to get a ticket to see PRART MUSIC GROUP ”Jazz-Rock Allstars” (featuring: Pratana “Prart” Aroonrungsee, Guitar, Soporn “Kop” Chitpasopnate, Bass, Ood Yannawa, Drums, Peaw Shotirod on Percussion, Sakpon “Mr Saxman” Aunsumraand, Saxophone and Chakwan “Nung” Saetongyutitum on Keyboards) at the Thai Culture Centre on Sunday, there was a delightful “smorgasbord of music” on the menu. There were also a few distinguished guests lurking in the back ready beguile and, undeniably they did. One of the “guests of honours” was mega-producer, record company director and (former) pop-rock star Chatri Kongsuwan, a.k.a. P-Ohm whose authoritarial playing still clenches anyone adjacent. Perhaps the most amusing surprise of the evening was our own local rock hero “Pop The Sun” (former frontman/guitarist in Hen Lek Fai – later to be – The Sun) as he took stand, aimed for and belched into “Fly Me to the Moon”. He’s not only a monstrous guitar player but also an accomplished singer. “Man, you’ve got to explore, develop and enjoy different territories; I had a blast” (a full feature story on Pop will be highlighted in September).

Pratana Aroongsee is probably one of the hardest working musicians – businessmen in the country. He doesn’t only run a full time career as a musician; with four albums to his credit (a fifth on the way), he also manages a video production company, music school, hosts an educational radio and TV program, composes and records jingles AND controls the publishing of OVERDRIVE MAGAZINE, RHYTHM SECTION and MUSIC.COM !!! For the evening, he had gathered some of the most respected musicians in the business. No argument here, this was good; really good. They brought music to life I haven’t witnessed on stage since I saw Miles Davis back in the mid eighties. In fact, had I closed my eyes even for a moment, I could have sworn I was at the Beverly Theatre listening to familiar tunes out of “Tutu” or “Man With The Horn” but….., naaa; it was just Prart squeaking his synth-rigged guitar. A true highlight was seeing Pop and Nung dueling, bringing the house down as they propelled chops to stratospheric levels; it kinda’ reminded me of the Allman Brothers in the early rock days. A dazzling performance indeed, let’s just hope there’s more to come….

"“Prart” new generation music man with quality music by one PC"

“Prart Aroonrungsi” and smart manner by finger graceful on buddy guitar

Meet “Prart Aroonrungsi”, the front line guitarist in Thailand, that never stop thinking to open Thai music society by pioneer a new generation song writer school. Songwriters use software and one PC can project music replace using professional studio. Today “Manager Online” void to talk about serious things and turn to please everybody who love music with “Prart Aroonrungsi”. 36-year-old guitarist who produced his own 4 instrumental music albums is name “Prart Conception” series. Now Prart not only manages music school named “Prart Music School” at RCA but also edits Overdrive magazine, ComMusic magazine, Rhythm Section magazine and music teaching VCD and DVD for awesome musicians in Thailand such as Pop The Sun, Boonchob Thanomwongthana; guitarist who have played only finger-style guitar all of his life, Golf T-bone, Ood Yannawa and Ton Silly Fool.
- Manager Online

"8 Guitars, Tiger Mask, Thumb, Music Book and Peaceful Society"

At RCA, Bangkok, Thailand, this is a place that teenagers like to have nightlife with alcohol. Long-hair young man & his friends who love in guitar sound & music technology stay in the quiet corner to make things for developing music social in Thailand. His name is Prart Aroonrungsi or Teacher Prart at Prart Music School. This building is a guitar school and use for making 2 great music magazines, Overdrive and ComMusic. Overdrive is a guitar magazine that reports information about Thai and internation music and ComMusic is a music technology storehouse magazine. About 10 years ago, a pseudonym “Prartism” (“Lad Thi Prart” in Thai) originated in the immortal rock music magazine, Quiet Storm, and Prart Conception album. Prart signature is smile and thumb up that can find in every media. Prart is a renowned artist, musician, musical teacher, musical technician, editor of music magazine and music businessman. - Music Song Journal

"Overdrive associated with music"

Jan. 8th, 2005 Prart Music Group had a New Year Party that night had many musicians joining in. The performers at the party, most of all is guitarists, are renowned artists in Thailand. The party started at 9 p.m. by finger-style guitar from Boonchob Thanomwongthana. Then Olarn Phromjai, the legend guitarist of The Olarn Project rock band in Thailand, played his the two most famous songs, Yar Yood Yang and Fire Pratana. After the show of The Olarn Project, senior of Thai music society set up on the stage included Ohm Chatree Kongsuwan, Prart Aroonrungsi, Kob Somporn Jitprasopnet and Ood Yannawa that they call themselves “Projam”. They started with “Rio Funk”, “White Room” and jazz jam session. Pop The Sun, a popular rock guitarist in Thailand, came up to jam with them and played “Far Beyond The Sun”, “Voodoo Mind” and “Crossroads”. That night had another guests such as Kitti Guitar Gun, Eddie from “Fly” band, Manoch Poottarn, Pop Overdrive Champian, How Henderson etc. That night was such a great night for music man. -

"Inspiration Concert Series # 10 Forming of Prart & Friends"

The name of Prart Aroonrungsi, Everybody contemporary rock lover or members of music Thailand society have known him well. Moreover, they have known about Prart Music Group that produces “Overdrive Magazine”, “Overdrive Pocketbooks” and “Rhythm Section Magazine”, the books that give knowledge about techniques and methods to be a musician. About Inspiration Concert Series # 10 is the forming of professional musicians and special guests that have different strong points. Prart is talking about members of his band. Ood Yannawa (Drum) has many creative ideas and he care every note he played, Kob Somporn Jitprasopnet (Bass) is Prart’s friend for a long time, since he studied arts, and he also care about the audiences, Peaw Shotirot Viboonlap (Percussion) is Prart’s friend when he was studying in L.A. and Peaw not only play percussion but also be a great vocal, Nung Chakawan Saotongyuttitum (Piano, Keyboard) is a professional well-known pianist in music society, has heavy improvisation style, and coordinate with another musicians. Prart has performed with Nung for 7-8 years. The next one, Koh Saxman (Saxophone) is Prart’s younger generation at Suan Kulab Nonthaburi School but Prart just has performed with Koh about 7-8 years. Koh is the high standard saxophonist and he can play every kind of music. Pop The Sun (Guitar), he is a famous rock guitarist in Thailand but when he played Jazz he also used the name “Pop The Moon” because it feels cool down. Pop is the one of high standard guitarists in Thailand. The last one, Ohm Chatree Kongsuwan (Guitar) is a renowned producer and songwriter in Thailand and he produced many circumspect music jobs. Every Inspiration Concert objects to provide musical knowledge and give a chance to perform for musician more than object in commerce subject. Therefore under the idea “From Rock Rhythm To Jazz Cadence”, it opens the way to musicians and music lovers to discover new music style together. -

"Interview: Teacher Prart (Pratana Aroonrungsi)"

Today Guitar Thai is going to interview one of the guitarists that we know him well, Teacher Prart Aroonrungsi. Prart has a music school, Overdrive Magazine, Overtone Music Cave Pub, Music Workshop, Overdrive Guitar Contest 2 and VCD guitar improvisation. Nowadays he interested in Hip Hop and Jazz style, mostly in contemporary jazz. Prart under produce his new album, ready about 30-40%, that not much chord and maybe have complex chord inside. Rhythmic is not complex but emphasize at melody and clear rhythmic. Definition of this album is Contemporary Rock Jazz and Hip Hop. It also has loop in the album. For Prart, teaching looks like practices because when he teaches sometime he has many ideas for his work. Soon Prart will open Overtone Music Cave for opening jam session such as jazz night, blues night etc. and also collect each column in Overdrive Magazine to be pocketbooks. About column in Overdrive Magazine, Prart said we will add the equipments subject and in the future we will make music workshop from foreign musicians. Prart talking about his favorite guitarist that in Thailand he like Pop The Sun because he has clear, great dynamic, creative guitar style and International favorite guitarist is Scott Henderson in Blues album. Finally, the most 5 favorite albums are Blues Avenue (Jeff Golub), Passion& Warefare (Steve Vai), Friday Night in Sanfrancisco (Al Dimeola, John Malaughin) ,Blues Album of Scott Henderson and Carol King Album. -


1992 : Prart Conception “Electric Guitarland” Album
1994 : Prart Conception “Six String Story” Album
1998 : Prart Conception "III" Album
1999 : Prart "IV" Album
2005 : Prart Group "5th Avenue" Album


Feeling a bit camera shy


Prart Aroonrungsi was born in musicians family, his mother is a vocalist and his father is a musician who can play every kind of instrument. 9-year-old Prart originated his story of music when he played his first instrument, keyboards, which was taught by his father.

Prart started to play the guitar when he was 13 years old. Rock, Blues and Jazz music influenced Prart, artists like Ritchie Blackmore, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, John McLaughlin, Pat Martino etc.

19 year-old Prart began to be a teacher and 2 years later he initiated to be a guitar player in fusion music band.

In 1992, Prart produced his first album, Prart Conception “Electric Guitarland” (Indie Party), all instrumental songs. At that time this musical style was not popular in Thailand, so it seemed to be brave to do this album. Nevertheless, this album got the attention of BMG (Thailand) and Prart was given a contract.

In 1994, Prart produced his second album, Prart Conception “Six String Story” under license of EMI (Thailand). Both of these 2 first albums style was “contemporary music”, mixed with Rock, Jazz, Blues and Progressive. On all albums, the prominent point was Prart rearranging Thai ancient songs to a modern music style.

In the same year, Prart decided to study major in guitar at the G.I.T. Institute in Los Angeles, USA. By that time Prart used to study with famous guitarists such as Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Ron Eshctee and other renowned guitar teachers. Prart also played guitar and got into the music scene in Los Angeles for 2 years.

In 1997, Prart came back to Thailand and initiated many jobs in music. He did not only produce his next 2 albums, Prart Conception III (1998) and Prart IV (1999), but also produced the Prart Music-Workshop on the ITV channel. This program had a warm welcome.

In 1999, Prart founded Prart Music Group Co., Ltd. It operates in the music business i.e. International Concert, Music-Workshop, Guitar Magazine, Music School, Video Instruction etc.

Prart always is both an artist and a teacher. Accordingly, he founded Prart Music School that has many national guitarist disciples. Moreover, he pioneered to create a guitar magazine called “Overdrive”, a Computer Music Magazine called “ComMusic” and Bass, Drums and Keyboards Magazine called “Rhythm Section”.

Prart commenced to do a Guitar Concert-Workshop and On-Tour in Thailand that traveled around the country, called the “Overdrive On-Tour”. Hence Prart is one of the musicians who has many jobs in the Thai music scene.

Recently, in 2005, Prart formed a band called the Prart Group and he produced his fifth album called “5th Avenue”. The album style he describes as “Thai Jazz & Roll”, it mixes Jazz and Rock. Prart invited Peter Erskine, a world-class well known jazz drummer, to be a special guest. Prart is satisfied with all of albums, but especially with “5th Avenue” because it shows him as self-assured.

Prart has passed through domestic and foreign music experiences for 15 years. And he still has works his music jobs, included everything in music that he has created.

Prart is an entertaining-outgoing person with his improvising and rhythmic music style, with his unique guitar sound, and he is ready to come across with everybody.