BandHip Hop

i am not best but neither i am perfect but my hardwork and dedication toward music tells the story by itself!!i am my own consultant of now,producer to a sound mixer done by self as love talkin out rhyms!!there is so much to say!!but this a short story of what i am become now!!


after hearing from 2 pac,mc hammer,dr.dre.easy e,and b.i.g at the age of 13 years i found that i can rap and write lyrics..i was way to odd in my family,due to the explicit contained in the music my family stopped me from hearin such music,as i started to move up in my life the craze for the hip hop and rap increased,but due to studies i couldnt try for what i always dreamt off 'to become a rapper'..but after the whole issues in life,facin ups and downs cause of a girl in a relation,cause of friends and no my family support,i decide to stand on the mic and spit as possible i can to reach out to the world with my stories what i faced!!seeing my hard work for music some of my close family members decide to support me in the journey!!but the platform waht i want to reach is still far away!!waiting acheive the goal so i can make myself to my mamma proud that her son being odd is a odd not even like other people are!!


no love

Written By: prashant

verse 1
as we were walking on the streets of love,
holding hands,with no fear as we were together,
everything felt beautiful and clear,
clear as a vision my heart beated,
beated till the hate got hold of you,
and the love for you killed me,
killed me but you never did feel me,
feel me as i am out of your sight,
i couldnt belive my own eyes,
that you never did care,
care for me,
i like a fool gave you my last piece,
and today i am living my life without you with no peace,
please tell me this not true,
its just a dream,
which is not lettin me sleep,
its like a nightmare,
i dont want to leave this kind of life,
WITHOUT you being my part,
i use to call you my life partner,
a partner which left me all alone in this lonely world!!
its so cold,that i can barely feel the feelin,
what i go through!!,
its become all numb,crazy as its sound,
but i am still dumb,
crying out for you,
listen to my voice if it reaches your ears
the hatered towards me is for what reason,
you told me you will love me no matter whats the reason!!

verse 2
dont you remember the time,
dont you remember anything,
anything my love,
what we went through,
what we did for each other,
the promises we made,
the moments we had,
as cupid was shoverin the love over us,
as we were deep in makin love,
from the kiss to hugs,
to the tear drops,
lookin deep in each others eyes,
comfortin each other,
and pushin the world aside,
the crazy gifts to suprise,
love was on top as the feelins you to rise,
rise up baby dont leave me alone this way,
cause i am just dyin,
dyin with all the memories,
memories thats just been killin me every instance,
feelins for you is keepin the hold over my senses,
i am breathin cause i am waitin to meet you,
dont want to loose you,
i am nothing without you,
my heart is constantly hurtin,
cause of the pain its consuming,
There isn't a day I don't think of you
not a night that I don't pray fore you
For things to go back to the way it was before
For us to go back to the way we used to be before,
There isn't a star in the sky I haven't wished on
To make things right again,
To make you come back home,

today i am Walking alone,
its strange,i still feel your presence around me,
My heart pounding,
as i Turn,and you are gone
As the wind blows
I hear your voice
and i close my eyes
I feel the heat of your touch
I feel your breath with the touch of your lips
I open my eyes and I cry,
as you are gone,
I thought we were meant to be forever,
I guess I was wrong,
now I'm sitting all alone here,
reminence bout our life dear,
you said that you loved me
I believed it was true
you were my everything,
that i wanted,
but you left me as i am nothing to be,
that's all it took for you,
to make a good things go bad,
you hate loving me,
but I'm in love with you baby,
I wished for happiness,
but you could never give me that,
I wished for love thats long gone,
you used me to create your future
you made it and now your gone,
I though of our future
and you thought bout yourself,
i just wanted you and your love,
now all I can do Is sit and dream..
Of something that i never was.


my first song was released on youtube called fff(fcknfraudfamily) which was in 26th may 2012,than do it big,,,than it was on and on,there was no stoppin me at all,every minute was to second was bout music to me!!i dissed people in my beat,i did freestyles,start learnin by own how to control the tempo of speech on the beat!!how to play on different beats,as i write my own lyrics,do mixin by myself,and just upload them so i can be heard!!