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"Leading the Crowd like a Pack of Wolves"

“The band was in fine form and the crowd was eating it up, particularly during 'My Body Hates Me'. 'Blushing Rogue' was by far my favorite of the new tunes… they have really perfected it into a true gem. Think Placebo, The Smiths and Thursday all cuddled together in one small tent. The 1-2 closing punch of 'Blushing' and 'You Are The Cause' left a sweet taste in my mouth. Jess was his animated self, leading the band and the crowd like a pack of wolves” - The Music Slut

"Energetic and Clear Voiced"

"Energetic and clear voiced, recalling the Smiths as much as the Strokes." - The Village Voice

"Blondie on Pratique"

"Great songs! [Kurt Feldman] plays a mean bass!" - Nigel Harrison, Blondie

"Hypnotizing and Energetic"

“After witnessing one of their recent performances, one jaw-dropping moment that threw me back was the lyrical credibility. It is quite obvious, to any fan or bar bystander, how much thought and passion is driving the pen responsible for such daring songs. The beats are catchy tight guitar riffs and with their cuttingly clear vocals, all the ingredients necessary to serve up a perfect melodic mix of motivating music are present. Pratique's live performance is just as hypnotizing and energetic as the songs they sing. Something tells me Pratique is going to conquer [the world] very, very soon.” - New York Cool Magazine

"If you didn't dance even a little, there might be something wrong"

"This band formed only a short year ago and it’s already on the road to becoming the one-millionth great band to come out of New York. Before joining the band vocalist DJ Jess was a full time DJ in the city and his past shows through in the music. Songs like “My Body Hates Me” have intricate beats and effects that scream, “A DJ wrote this song!” The guitar sound is energetic and manages to flow perfectly with the vocals, beat and bass line without either of the four being drowned out by one another. DJ Jess’s vocals almost sound like another instrument of their own especially on tracks like “How I Killed the Rekindle”. Their current EP “My Body Hates Me” is something you’ll want to listen all the way through…several times. The best thing about this band is not their vocals or their EP though; it’s the fact they know how to get people moving. Come on, if you didn’t dance around even a little bit in your chair during the “My Body Hates Me” Remix, then there might be something wrong. - Driven Far Off

"A Call to Arms"

"A call to arms for all other indie boys... They have the skills, the tools, and the hunger to reach the large crowds their songs are made for. Undeniably catchy..." - Cityzen

"Knows How to Move a Crowd"

"Downtown icon DJ Jess oozes all things that make the 'hood below 14th Street hardcore... he knows how to move a crowd. Pratique is a prime example of Jess' musical swagger, embodying the punk grit of the East Village with a power-pop sensibility. Lend an ear Ludlow Street kids, steer clear Park Avenue adults!" - Next Magazine

"Clever and Brutal Songwriting"

"A great name and a front man who is not only very comfortable and dynamic on stage but has a great vocal style... Clever and brutal songwriting... I will definitely go out of my way to see these guys again!" - Cakes 4 Rock Stars


Death For Blushing Rogue - Single
My Body Hates Me - EP



"Death For Blushing Rogue" is the new single from NYC musicians PRATIQUE. Produced by GREGORY LATTIMER from hit makers of the 90s THIN LIZARD DAWN, and who most recently produced the ALBERT HAMMOND JR solo record, it was then mixed by STEVEN DI PALO who most recently mixed VOXTROT and BLACKLIST. With such talent behind the it, the song has already found itself spun and beloved by taste makers and trend setters across the city.

Formed this year, they set to creating the most melodic bass lines this side of disco, punchy, mathematical beats, and brilliant brit-pop inspired guitar work. Soaring power-pop harmonies colour singer Jess' lyrics, while the rest of the band throbs with all the intensity of the packed rooms they play to. Early comparisons to THE SMITHS, PLACEBO, and even THE PIXIES have piqued music lover's interest, but a penchant for originality and alarming sincerity have earned them the respect and admiration of both critics and fans alike.