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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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S/T 6 song EP, released Dec. 04
Have gotten some spins ("From a Distance") on streaming internet station.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Russia, 1912: A select group of individuals gather in the creation of a newsletter during the Russian Revolution. This paper will draw on the influence of the media to spread propaganda to the citizens of Russia. A reliance on distortion of fact will be necessary to gain readership in the increasingly divided country . They decide to name their creation PRAVDA, which somewhat inappropriately translates to "truth" in their native tongue.

New Jersey, 2004: A select group of individuals gather in the creation of a band during the 'emo' Revolution. This band will draw on its influences in various genres of music to spread a new sound to the local show goers of New Jersey. A reliance on distortion of tone will be necessary to gain listeners in the increasingly divided music scene. Like the Russians nearly 100 years before them, they decide to name their creation PRAVDA, which this time appropriately translates to "truth". The music these individuals create adheres to no specific genre, sound, or subdivision; it simply represents the complete truth of what music is to them.

When the four individuals of PRAVDA first got together in May of 2004, they had no specific goal of style they wanted to play or message they wanted to convey. The only goal was to write music that came naturally to them and to get this music to as many people as possible. The band spent the next few months relentlessly writing and rehearsing songs that would musically represent the diverse interests of each band member. Lyrically, the songs would draw on the more personal experiences of vocalist / guitarist Casey Landman, but lack the poetic pretension of the band's emo / screamo peers. What came as a result were a set of songs that pretty much any person into any type of music could appreciate and identify with.

In October of 2004 the band began playing out in front of live audiences. A month later they went into the studio to record a 6 song self titled EP. In both cases, PRAVDA managed to win over fans by adhering to the same principle: their music caters to no single group of people. The ensuing months saw an increasing number of fans turn out at each show, and rising numbers of adds and plays to the group?s profiles on both and

In 2005, PRAVDA hopes to continue the trend that began in 2004, gaining new fans through relentless live performances as well as self - promotion. It is their hope that they can re - instill a sense of fun in music, while maintaining a sense of integrity and creativity that will prevent them from falling into the trap of overplayed, over-dramatic clones that plague today's musical landscape. PRAVDA hopes that in time, their vision of a musical truth will become the truth to their fans as well.