Praverb the Wyse

Praverb the Wyse

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Praverb stands out in a genre dominated by gangster lingo, perverse content, and more. Look up emcee in the dictionary and you will probably see a picture of Praverb. He is dedicated to perserving the artform of hip hop by blending rap with poetry.


Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live - KRS-1

Praverb was influenced by the innovators of hip hop and continues to deliver hip hop with substance. His music speaks volumes on our society and culture as human beings. He is humble and has confidence in his skills as an artist. He's not trying to be the flashy emcee on TV with superstar status, but rather the well respected emcee. This emcee is the epitome of positive or conscious hip-hop. Fed up with the current state of hip-hop, Praverb continues to deliver knowledge to the masses. This positive emcee has a dedicated fan base due to performing, networking and the internet. He spends his downtime writing poems and recording them.


2006 - 2 features on Cityslickaz Presents: World War Me
2006 - 1 feature on Change Presents: Penny For Your Thoughts
2006 - Unheard Word (10 song album)
2006 - 2 features on Cityslickaz Presents: State of Emergency
2006 - Doomsday Device (11 song mixtape)
2006 - 1 feature on DCA Hip Hip Dot Com Mixtape Vol. 1
2006 - 1 feature on 1773 (1773)
2006 - 1 feature on Back 2²1 (Sean Jay)
2006 - 1 feature on Modern Nostalgia Vol. 1 (Redhead)
2005 - 2 features on Nova Infinite EP (Nova Infinite)
2005 - Wisdom’s Café (26 song mixtape)
2005 - 1 feature on Hip Hop Disciples XII (DJ 730)
2005 - 2 features on Moving On Mixtape (DJ B Roc)
2005 - 1 feature on G Force Alliance Episode 1: The Unification
2005 - 2 features on Grand Theft Audio 808: Hawaii Mixtape (Sean Jay)
2005 - 1 feature on Live and Direct Mixtape Vol. 1 (Introspect)
2004 - 1 feature on The Return of Hip-Hop (Sadistik)
2004 - Disturbing the Priest (20 song mixtape)

Set List

sets range from 15-60 minutes (I have a lot of material)
sets may include spoken word, trivia and a lot of crowd interaction