1 shot Metal-Soul; 2 shots Rock-n-Roll ; A twist of Honey; A dash of Spice; A pinch of Everything Nice; And ... set the blender to Puree Funk!


Heavy guitars; intense backbeats; sick bass lines; and sultry, powerful vocals. A metamorphosis of music composed of lead vocalist Andrea Mauro, bassist Emma Rios, guitarist Ersan Saribal and drummer Jeremy Van Zandt. An otherworldy experience where rock continues to evolve and spread its wings.

Hear the buzz. Taste the honey. Feel the sting. See the band.


Prayata has frequented such legendary venues as:

Herman's Hideaway (Denver, CO)
The Bluebird Theater (Denver, CO)
The Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)
Rock Island (Denver, CO)
3 Kings Tavern (Denver, CO)
The Gothic Theater (Denver, CO)
Arlene's Grocery (New York City, NY)
The Trash Bar (Brooklyn, NY)
Blake's on Telegraph (Berkely, CA)

They have recently returned from a tour thru New York, where they also attended CMJ Music Marathon. They plan to tour once every few months, in all directions outward from Colorado. Look out for em. ;)

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Written By: A. Mauro

Anger swells in the afternoon
Light shifts changing the room
Thoughts swirl like dust falling
Uncertainty’s calling.

Take your shot. You’ll miss me.
The strong will always bury the weak.
Take your shot then you’ll see
To find It you must seek

Live your life. Live the dream.
Make your choices. Avoid the extreme.
Live it hard. Live it slow.
Life’s a stage. It’s your show.

I’m a cartoon in a bubblegum world.
Tossed in a corner, that’s where I’m curled.
Next to nothing now.
Tell me how I was never charted?

Words like oxygen my sustenance.
Pearls that fall from pseudo divine lips .
Cast into the pig mass.
Heaps of trash.
Swaying in perfect time,
a lullaby.


Zombie Choir

Written By: A. Mauro

Focus on what others do.
Be like them join a crew.
Leave your choices up to them.
You are boys, they are men.

If you follow, they will lead.
While you listen, they plant the seed.
They need soldiers for their mission.
When they talk, you will listen.

Marching masses mob your mind,
independence undefined.

Zombies chant

We are like you.
Mold we fit to.
We are like you.
Make believe truth.
We are like you.
Lies sleeping true.
We are like you.
We have no clue.

Hide under folded blinds.
Resonate only, with your kind.
Choosing a closet for your fear,
Another’s reflection in your mirror.

Stand tall, their boot on your head.
Stranger yourself, progress is dead.
Pack leader detonates, grenade in your path.
Vacant dog, feel his wrath.

Formation asleep behind enemy lines
You’re achieving a mass suicide
Mass distinction, unique nature
Your vocabulary does not feature
Always the student, never the teacher
Never the hero, always the creature


If you stand out,
you’re all that’s there
Fall in line, brain laundry’s done
Almost there. x2

The 5th

Written By: A. Mauro

I talk a lot,
sometimes soft
and sometimes loud.
Usually too honest for you
or in a crowd.

Strong disposition
in female form
eludes the massive male
leaving him forlorn.

Can you hear me?
Am I speaking out loud?
My voice is straining,
But nothing’s coming out.

I’ll keep whispering,
or will shout loud and long.
However you hear me best,
will help us to get along.

Talking shadows do not scare me
at all.
Wispy darkness forces me
to walk instead of crawl.

You desire
a fashion forward delicacy.
Only as long as
no burden becomes of me.

Give me a microphone.
Attach it to my core.
My soul is amplification.
Spirit, the source.


Speak to me. x4


Written By: Andrea Jo Mauro

Generations come and generations go. From kings, chiefs and masters, to the unknown. The beat goes on, but it never changes. War, after war, after war. Rivers flow and tides ebb, Katrina blows, WTC goes. The beat goes on, but never changes. War after war. After war. Trojan, Civil, World War, Vietnam, Jihad. Holy war. Whatever you call it, it stays the same. The beat goes on, never changing. Holy war. No hopes forever. Wait, who's there? One voice, in the night. Born to lead us out there. Generations come and generations go. From kings, chiefs and masters. To the unknown. The beat goes on, but it never changes. War, after war, after war. No hope forever. Wait, who's there? One voice in the night. Born to lead us out there. Generations come and generations go. It remains the same, characters differ though.


Prayata: Self-titled EP, Released June 2006

Set List

Sit Still
Til I Met You
Morbid Reflections
Zombie Choir
Mr. DeMille
JAM Testimonial
The 5th
Mathematic Drugs

Their set is typically 50-55 minutes in length. They also have an acoustic set. Prayata is an all-original band.