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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Prayata Plays a New Level of Alternative Rock at Calypso"

"This little rock band is about to make waves in the Rockies ... a truly original sound that’s somewhere between pure rock, alternative, and new age."

"...Upon listening to a couple of tracks from their EP, I found that they are indeed a hard driving quartet. Thundering drums courtesy of Jeremy Van Zandt, sultry, iron clad vocals from Andrea Mauro, the razor sharp guitar chops of Ersan Saribal and Rios’s unwavering bass lines hammer the listener senseless on the track Bubblegum. This is true, steadfast rock and roll that demands your attention. The band slows it down a bit on the track Zombie Choir, opening the song with a dramatic arpeggio before launching the song into a mid tempo, metal-esque anthem."

"... And there you have it-the name of the band is Prayata, they hail from Denver, and they are gonna rock the house down at Calypso on March 15." - Chris Kelly, Crested Butte Weekly


Featured as the "MMBuzz Band of the Month" - June 2006 - Metromode Magazine

""Prayata is an asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with them.""

“Prayata is a great young band. Hard working, dedicated, and driven, they
have all of the tools to succeed. I have watched them grow and promote
themselves vigorously. With the proper guidance and the intense work
ethic, which they already possess, I see nowhere else for this band to go
but up. Prayata is an asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with them.”
- Bill Terrell, Infexious Recordz

""True Denver rock-n-roll.""

“True Denver rock-n-roll. The cutting edge of what is coming from the Denver music scene.” - Jeff Campbell, NIPP, 3 Kings Tavern

""Prayata delivers smart, melodic hardcore...""

Prayata delivers smart, melodic hardcore with metal influences for fans of heavy guitars, melodic bass lines, powerful drumming, and moody vocals. Their music is an alternative rock, a seamless blend of hardcore and metal that's unabashedly in-your-face, and yet melodic and carefully structured that will keep you bouncing all day long. The vocal, guitar, bass, drum, each member has enough skill and ability to stand alone that create powerful, speedy and perfect groove through the disc when they are mixed together..." - Ken DuBois, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

""Your songs are fresh, thoughtful and compelling...""

I'm still shivering from meeting you all last night - and not just from
the cold. Your songs are fresh, thoughtful and compelling and you all perform with a seamless vibrancy - as if you had met in the womb. - Eric J. Adler, Esq., New York


Prayata: Self-titled EP, Released June 2006



Heavy guitars; intense backbeats; sick bass lines; and sultry, powerful vocals. A metamorphosis of music composed of lead vocalist Andrea Mauro, bassist Emma Rios, guitarist Ersan Saribal and drummer Jeremy Van Zandt. An otherworldy experience where rock continues to evolve and spread its wings.

Hear the buzz. Taste the honey. Feel the sting. See the band.


Prayata has frequented such legendary venues as:

Herman's Hideaway (Denver, CO)
The Bluebird Theater (Denver, CO)
The Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)
Rock Island (Denver, CO)
3 Kings Tavern (Denver, CO)
The Gothic Theater (Denver, CO)
Arlene's Grocery (New York City, NY)
The Trash Bar (Brooklyn, NY)
Blake's on Telegraph (Berkely, CA)

They have recently returned from a tour thru New York, where they also attended CMJ Music Marathon. They plan to tour once every few months, in all directions outward from Colorado. Look out for em. ;)

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