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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Prayer for Animals(Swell preview)"

The four-track album is a preview of Prayer for Animal’s upcoming summer release Swell. Hailing from Mansfield, Texas (with the exception of the drummer) the band is now based in Austin and consists of Brent Sluder on electric piano/organ and vocals, Jeremy Jenkins on bass, Ryan Gitman on drums, John Pitts on guitar and slide guitar and Adam Brisbin on guitar and vocals. Both Brisbin and Pitts split lead guitar duties while Brisbin and Sluder split vocal duties.

The first track “Recollection,” contains a psychedelic Doors-y, Thirteenth Floor Elevators element permeated with vintage guitar tones. “Neutral Bees,” a melodic fusion of rock, blues, captivating vocals and poetic prose--- “Neutral Bees don’t sting unless they eat, heaven found a reason yet to sting,” is the probably the grooviest track of the album. The experimental guitar riff featured in the track compliments Sluder’s whiskey soaked vocals suitably and creates a 1970’s feel. The concluding track, “Brains,” begins slowly with a soft tambourine jiggling, slide guitar picking and progresses into an explosion of psychedelic rock.

This short preview sells elevated expectations of the full-length album which is set to release this summer- embracing a cool late 1960’s-early 1970’s epoch and being a perfect choice to put on at chill get together.

The album’s art is simple and consists of a coffee brown fabric decorated with flowery paisleys pasted onto the white surface of the case. The interior flaps include the band’s name in a bubbly design and the four track titles etched in back pen; the back is plain - Ashley Cass, SKY SAW

"Sound Off-Prayer for Animals"

Prayer for Animals breeds a kind of shamanic, bluesy trance that falls somewhere between locals like the Strange Boys and Haunting Oboe Music, burdening an unhinged edge in the vocals across melodic guitar jams that paw in any number of directions. Though banging darkly in the psychedelic garage, the quintet is equally likely to unleash boozy acoustic numbers cut with twang and pedal steel, as with the rough mix of “No Bed” that they’ve offered for download below. Expect the group’s proper debut album later this year, and in the meantime you can catch them this Saturday at Trophy’s with Snafu Kittens, Bombs Away, and Base.

- Austin Sound

"Track Review: "Brains" (1/12/09)"

Prayer For Animals is one of the best bands in Austin, frankly. They're an air-tight live band with aggressive on-stage energy. Their timeless sound is an organic blend of surf, blues, country, and psychedelic rock. They sound HUGE live, but the problem was their recorded material never reflected that. Well, PFA just added two new songs to their MySpace page from their upcoming album Swell. They've been recording for a year, and while nothing beats a live show, this song sounds pretty damn good.
- 'Nites (blog)

""The Veldt is Prayer For Animals""

After receiving a series of emails from another group called "The Veldt," Arlington's Veldt recently decided to change their name to Prayer for Animals in order to avoid dealing with a cease and desist letter. No matter what they might be called, their songs reveal a group that is musically ambitious and potentially buzzworthy, given that they are already close (at an early stage in their existence) to finding a good formula for a sound lying somewhere in between loose psychedelic experimentation and dark indie pop.

Prayer for Animals, formed in 2005, is headquartered at their group house in Arlington where they write songs that have a good deal of range in composition and style, despite possessing what can be classified as the beginning of a "sound" in its early stages. The most obvious reference points here are Brian Jonestown Massacre and Matador Records' The Double, but you can also hear touches of Radiohead, Television Personalities and the excellent Circulatory System. The fun of listening to this band derives not from their influences, however, but from their ability to diversify, letting strange folksy guitar plucking turn into moody, ethereal noise and blues-based psyche rock. Although certainly a young band still searching for its musical path to a degree, Prayer for Animals is well on its way to nailing down something interesting, even if its not entirely clear which direction they will take. And that is exactly what makes them worthy of some attention.
- WE SHOT JR (Dallas blog) Feb 06

"Review: "Lollipop Shoppe" Compilation"

The Lollipop Shoppe Compilation Featuring The Klogz, White Drugs, Prayer for Animals, Mwanza Dover and others

To make their swinging parties even more happening, '60s fetishists the Lollipop Shoppe came up with the perfect shiny accessory for their groovy thrift-store dresses and go-go boots: a compilation CD. Lollipop gal DJ TigerBee, aka The Shapes' singer/bassist Patricia Rodriguez, recruited some of her favorite retro-rock acts—all Texan except New Mexico-based Dirty Novels—to feature on her collective's first benefit CD (proceeds benefit ... the Lollipop Shoppe!).

Great songs from the S-1 Committee, Prayer for Animals, Lithium Xmas (really) and others make this easily worth $6—and make a great case for future Lollipop compilations.

- J. Hughey, Dallas Observer


*"Songs From Leaning House" (full-length, 2006)
*"July EP" (split EP with Haunting Oboe Music, 2008)
*"Swell" (upcoming full-length, to be released in early 2010)



It began with all-night jams in early 2005 with everyone throwing in styles they were used to playing or hearing. Eventually those influences merged and mutated and became the conglomerated sound of Prayer For Animals, (a name that references a tacky children's book left at our original practice space.) So Neil Young and Pink Floyd joined Sonic Youth and Radiohead. The past met the present and eventually the gaps were filled-in and the sound was there, an intense but never pretentious blend of our favorite sub-sections of rock and roll: Psych, Surf, Alt-Country, Space. But of the one constant throughout was the originator of it all, The Blues. At first, we were a four-piece which rotated on stage as to free up one of us to drum or sing. Once a full-time drummer joined in 2007, everyone stayed put onstage and neither of the two lead vocalists had to also drum while singing. This also freed-up guitarists Adam Brisbin and John Pitts to design the kind of classic rock dual-guitar magic that we all loved, like the Allman Brothers, or Crazy Horse. Over the past couple of years, we have also begun to reference bands as diverse as Television, Spiritualized, The Band, and Pavement. The instruments used are the pure sounds of rock and roll, with warm wurlitzer electric piano and hammand organ, bumping into rolling rickenbacker bass, galloping-steed drums and slide guitar, all coming together to exorcise the commercially-watered down demons of decent music-loving humans everywhere. The songs deal with death, pain, confusion, insanity, psychic TVs, air conditioners, kitchens, brains, beds, bees, and dreams.