the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers

the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers


Sophisticated, dark folk songwriting in the tradition of Leonard Cohen or Simon & Garfunkel, carefully folded into often unconventional arrangements that draw from a variety of sources within the history of rock music. RIYL: The Frames, Pedro the Lion, John Vanderslice.


The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers are an incomprehensible mess of a band, comprised of the various members, benefactors, patron saints, and onlookers of the bu_hanan collective; this mayhem is orchestrated at the hands of Perry Wright, a delusional raconteur and obsolete office hottie. Producer Alex Lazara holds the Executive powers of Veto and Another Beer, Please. His weaknesses are something kryptonite-related and the phrases "One more time" and "We'll get it on the next take." We won't get it on the next take, Alex.

The band spent 2005 touring in support of the release of The Mother of Love LP, including two national tours with good friends The Mountain Goats, wherein they played as both Prayers & Tears and as The Mountain Goats with John Darnielle and Peter Hughes. In addition to the traditional touring schedule, Prayers & Tears were invited to play an entire acoustic set live on KEXP Seattle, broadcast from The Museum of Television and Radio during the 2005 CMJ Festival in downtown New York, NY.

The band's sophomore release, The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia (2005), traces one year in the life of a struggling marriage and a convenient affair, and has been praised as "a heavy contender for top 10 albums of 2005" (The Black and White Magazine), "a series of imbricate, evocative images that submerge us in the feelings while sparing us the pathos" (Pitchfork Media), and "a glimpse at the assorted and burrowed tunnels of a complicated mind, an absorbent, watchful, keen mind capable of compiling theories, theologies, dialogues, parables and paradoxes and funneling them into four-minute considerations worthy of thousand-word elaboration" (The Independent).



+ The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia (2005 Bu_Hanan - Features singles "Rotation of Crops" and "Ammunition for a Bolt-Action Heart" which were in regular rotation on KEXP and college radio throughout 2005).

+ Psalterie (2003 Bu_Hanan).

Singles, Compilations

+ Esopus Magazine #4 "Imaginary Friends" (2005 Esopus Magazine NYC - Features single "Lisa" which was in heavy rotation on KEXP Seattle throughout 2005 and also features tracks by Kimya Dawson, Vetiver, members of Animal Collective and more).

+ I am a Cold Rock. I am Dull Grass: a Tribute to the Music of Will Oldham (2004 Tract - Features track "Raining in Darling" from I See a Darkness, as well as tracks by Iron & Wine, Calexico and more).

+ New Frontiers: Up and Coming Chapel Hill (2004 Bu_Hanan).


+ Made-Up Words and Stolen Phrases EP (2004 Bu_Hanan).

+ Redux (2006 Bu_Hanan).

Set List

Typical Set List (40-45 Minutes, No Covers)

Instrumental Opening
Concerning Lessons Learned from the Aliens
The Last Moments of Mary Stuart
Rotation of Crops
On the Occasion of a Departure
Ammunition for a Bolt-Action Heart
The Sad Lives of the Hollywood Lovers