Prayers for the Weak
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Prayers for the Weak

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1. Redemption
2. Alice
3. No More
4. Cutting Ties



Prayers for the Weak is a four piece ensemble that can best be described as a modern alternative hard rock band with heavy emphasis on melody. The members of PFTW came together in the Spring of '09 and include John Rodriguez on vocals, Leo Silva on guitar, Thomas Terrazas on guitar, Alex Jimenez on bass, and Ben Rodriguez on drums. Combined they hold years of writing and performing experience that can be heard in their music and witnessed by their live shows. They have also had the opportunity to be the opening band for various national recording artists such as Mudvayne, Adema, Flaw, Sevendust, and Shinedown.

Each member brings a dedicated, determined presence, and unique songwriting ability that complements one another. They are influenced by every genre and facet of music and put up no boundaries or limitations on their creative writing process. Each member is able to draw from different influences in order to make their songs catchy and interesting. Songwriting in this band is not a small over looked detail. It is a passion that is taken seriously and often painstakingly. With each new song comes writing challenges that are meticulously scrutinized in order to deliver the best song that they know in their hearts they're capable of writing.

Collectively and individually the members of Prayers for the Weak have worked hard for many years to establish their sound and hone their songwriting skills. They look forward to the challenge of promoting their music, winning fans over, and making a name for themselves. With their focused, dedicated, driven attitudes and a deep desire for the exposure for what they do best-they hope to earn the respect of fans and the music business alike.