Praying for Greater Portland

Praying for Greater Portland

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Praying for Greater Portland is an often beardless song writing project that results in some noise, some words, some loud guitars, some quiet guitars, a lot of loops, a lot of stories, a lot of floors, a lot of snacks, and a lot of naps.


Praying for Greater Portland was a three piece indie band in Fallon NV in 2004. The band broke up that year as its members went to different colleges. In 2008 Praying for Greater Portland became a two-piece sometimes shouty, sometimes quiet indie band in Reno. They released two EP's - one quiet, one loud, played some shows, traveled a bit and made some friends. In 2010 I began writing and recording a lot under the guise of Praying for Greater Portland. Some songs were quiet, some were loud, they were all rather lo-fi and they were recorded in bedrooms, basements, in yards, and in cars. Every week of my 24th year went toward an online collection of 53 songs that were recorded and released each week online. That year I toured a bit and made some more friends. In 2012 I toured a lot more, played and slept on a lot of floors, met some nice people, put some music on the internet and drank a lot of coffee. Lately, the project has taken on new instrumentation and new collaborations for 2013 which will last into 2014 resulting in vinyl releases and a live video series.


"Has an Agenda" EP
acoustic, self-recorded and released in Spring 2009 to benefit Nevada EcoNet.

"Introduction to Modernity" EP
recorded at the Lion's Den in Sacramento and released in the Spring of 2009. This one has louder guitars.

"Habit Forming" EP
Home recordings

"Happiness is not What We're After" EP

"The 24th Year: An Audible Record" 53 Tracks (3CD's)

Set List

30 minutes roughly. Looping sound collages and some banter.